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Pepsico Food Tech QC Job – BTech Candidates Apply

PepsiCo, a global leader in the food and beverage industry, is seeking a highly motivated B.Tech Food Technology graduate to join their team as a Supply Chain Quality Control (QC) Coordinator. This role offers an exciting opportunity to contribute to PepsiCo’s commitment to quality assurance and supply chain excellence in the world of food technology. Join us in shaping the future of food innovation and quality control.

Company: Pepsico

Job Title: SC QC Coordinator Post

Location: Kosi, India.

The responsibilities include:

  • Vertical startup of green field plant with right quality product & building a quality culture in the plant.
  • Stabilization of shift  quality operations in new green field plant.
  • Ensuring  shifts KPIs such as WIP/ Leakages/ Zero red complain
  • Ensuring best quality of product and minimum customer complaints through stringent on-line quality control checks and finished product inspection
  • Implementing right quality control systems/standards for the processes, physical systems and environment.
  • Trouble shooting during online production to minimize wastage and ensure quality.
  • Responsible for maintaining GMP, GHK GLP and internal / external audits (HACCP, AIB, Personal Hygiene, Process audit).
  • Train and development of quality checkers.
  • Ensure quality of potato issued for production.
  • Scope– list in priority order the main accountabilities/deliverables of the role, including key measures. These should be clearly the responsibilities of the JOB HOLDER. Ensuring that the quality of potatoes issued for production is as per the standard specifications 
  • Frying the sample and conducting COOK Test for checking various factors like % of undesirable color, internal defects, greening percentage etc.
  • Providing status report to the Agro Department and indicating the number of pickers that will be needed for the particular lot (whose responsibility)
  • Deciding whether the lot should be accepted or rejected
  • Conducting similar Cook’s Test after every 15 days and whenever required for the potatoes stored in the warehouses under long term storage

Conducting online quality checks in the process area to ensure that all Pepsico standards of quality are followed during the production process in shifts  

  • Conducting visual inspection for;
  • Ensuring that all key operating parameters of machines are in the specified range
  • (Peelers, Fryers, Slicer for thickness average and range, Chip Conveyors, Seasoning Tumbler)
  • Ensuring after every hour that the potatoes in the trim and pare area are properly peeled
  • Checking slice thickness  and free surface moisture after every 4 hours
  • Deciding whether to introduce anti-foaming agent in the process
  • Recording the dwell time from the operator’s logbook after every 4 hours
  • Checking the level of seasoning applied
  • Conducting analytical tests for
  • Deciding whether blanching is required – Hunter Color Test
  • Ensuring optimum utilization of fryer oil
  • Conducting 4 hourly checks on oil being used for frying for FFA, OV, PV, foreign materials, taste, odor and specific gravity
  • Comparing test results against gold standards oil usage charts
  • Deciding the mix of fresh and blended oil to be used for frying operations
  • Checking the fried chips after every hour for TPD parameters like PA, percentage oil in the chip, % of soft centered chips, blisters, dark flakes, clusters etc.
  • Measuring parameters like bulk density, moisture, seasoning and dimension for Non-PC products

 Taking corrective actions to resolve problems thrown up by the tests

  • Providing feedback to operators on corrective actions that can be taken for rectifying small problems
  • Communicating to the shift in-charge the number of pickers needed for the process area on the basis of online checks
  • Asking the Agro department to change the potato lot in case there are no pickers and the number of potato defects are large
  • Communicating concern areas and corrective actions to the concerned shift in-charge and production manager promptly
  • Informing the Quality Manager in case test results indicate a crisis situation, who will then conduct a compete trial run of that lot of potato to take an appropriate decision
  • Ensuring that the Quality Checkers conduct half hourly checks for air leakage and hourly checks for  weight, batch printing and air fill & Conducting analytical tests for Checking after every four hours the percentage of oxygen in the bags
  • Conducting random film quality checks on the basis of any special complaints received from the production department & Communicating concern areas and corrective actions to the concerned operator, shift in-charge and production manager promptly

Monitoring machines in the process and packaging area specifically for their effect on quality and ensuring minimum waste due to machine related factors

  • Calibration of machines like MM55 that detects moisture and % of oil in the chips after they are fried
  • Ensuring that the peeler rollers are changed periodically to avoid under or over peeling
  • Maintaining accurate and comprehensive reports for communication to all the people concerned
  • Ensuring that the quality checkers make an end of shift report (for air leakage) at the end of every shift and then circulate it amongst the concerned people eensuring that the operators make quality relevant entries in their log books after every ½ hour
  • Conducting regular quality wall meetings with the production and engineering personnel for discussing quality defects detected online
  • Ensuring that at least four people viz. shift incharge, packaging leader, engineering executive and the quality officer are present for the meeting
  • Comparing the product with the gold standard for appearance, flavor, texture and recording the ratings given to the product (ratings will vary between 0-10)
  • Deciding on appropriate action for the product on the basis of the test scores

Conducting a weekly housekeeping audit to ensure implementation of safety and hygiene practices

  • Inspecting the process and packaging area to ensure that the working conditions like lighting, placement of material on the shop floor are as per standard requirements and that there are no unsafe conditions in the plant
  • Ensuring that the equipment have been cleaned properly on the previous Saturday
  • Getting non-compliances rectified before start-up

Handling the hold material for minimizing wastages

  • Ensuring that the hold material is cleared within 48 hours of hold-up
  • Submitting a weekly and monthly report to the quality manager regarding the details of the hold material, reasons for the hold-up

Ensuring adherence to statutory laws (Weights and Measures & PFA )

  • Increasing awareness about statutory laws
  • Maintaining accurate statutory records

Effective resolution of customer complaints

  • Assisting the quality manager in analyzing root causes of complaint and developing a forward action plan
  • Implementing the action plan
  • Ensuring the complaint does not occur again

Participating in TPM activities for increased involvement in the functioning of the plant            

  • Leading/ participating in TPM for various projects undertaken by them.

Practicing a work culture that promotes company growth

  • Internalizing quality standards and concept of “ cost of quality’
  • Executing the action plans to institutionalize these
  • Providing regular feedback to the quality manager on culture

Additional information, Interactions / Complexity for B.Tech Food Technology Job:

  • Interact with internal stake holders daily, weekly, Monthly basis such as packaging leader, Shift Incharge, maintenance coordinators for equipment corrections as Pepsico standards.
  • External: CFA, 3P, Distributor, Sales
  • Proper training and handholding of Quality checks
  • Having site leadership team support is critical for the SET to deliver results
  • Handling the IR situations of Quality (QC), managing Contract Labours @shop floor


  • B.Tech ( Food Tech)
  • Exposure to food safety systems and ISO systems / 3 to 5 years.
  • Preferably Knowledge of FSSAI /HACCP/AIB and TPM.


B.Tech Food Technology Job. The possible interview Q & A:

1.Can you describe your experience with quality control in a food manufacturing environment, especially in the context of a green field plant startup?

Sample Answer: I have experience in quality control within the food manufacturing sector, including involvement in the vertical startup of a green field plant. During this process, I focused on establishing a robust quality culture, ensuring compliance with Pepsico’s quality standards and specifications. I understand the critical importance of stabilizing quality operations in a new facility and have successfully contributed to achieving key performance indicators such as minimizing WIP, leakages, and zero customer complaints.

2.How do you ensure product quality and minimize customer complaints during the production process?

Sample Answer: To ensure product quality and minimize customer complaints, I implement stringent on-line quality control checks and conduct thorough inspections of finished products. I closely monitor key operating parameters of machines, conduct regular tests, and intervene when necessary to troubleshoot issues during production. Additionally, I collaborate with the Agro Department to ensure that the quality of potatoes issued for production meets the standard specifications.

3.Can you describe your experience with maintaining quality control systems and standards in a food processing plant?

Sample Answer: I have a strong track record of implementing and maintaining quality control systems and standards in food processing plants. This includes adherence to GMP, GHK GLP, and conducting internal and external audits such as HACCP and AIB. I am committed to ensuring that processes, physical systems, and the overall environment consistently meet the highest quality standards.

4.How do you handle customer complaints effectively and prevent recurring issues?

Sample Answer: When handling customer complaints, my approach is to conduct a root cause analysis to identify the source of the issue. I then collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop and implement action plans aimed at preventing the same problem from recurring. Continuous improvement is essential, and I work to ensure that our quality control processes are adjusted based on lessons learned from customer feedback.

5.Can you discuss your experience with Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and its impact on quality control?

Sample Answer: I am familiar with TPM and its significance in enhancing quality control. I have actively participated in TPM activities, leading and contributing to various projects aimed at improving equipment reliability and overall plant efficiency. TPM helps in reducing downtime and ensuring that machines operate within specified ranges, ultimately supporting the maintenance of product quality standards.

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