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This page contains latest biotech entrance exam notifications. You can find official Notifications for Top entrance exams like CSIR NET, CSIR NET JRF 2016, ICMR – JRF exam, ICMR JRF 2016, JNUEE 2016 exam, CUCET exam notification, CUCET 2016, Combined biotechnology entrance exam, DBT JRF exam, ARS Net exam alert, BET exam, BET 2016, Gate 2017 exam notification, Gate biotech exam, Gate life science exam, CSIR UGC Net exam, TIFR exam notification, NIPER entrance exma details, IISC entrance exam, BARC exam

Best CSIR Online Test Series

CSIR NET Life Science Online Test Series Powered By Artificial Intelligence : AI-AIMNET –...

  In December of 2019, NTA moved the CSIR NET exam to the Online CBT Mode, and that is where it all began. It's been...

10 Things To Know If You Are Starting Your CSIR NET Preparation For The...

First Time CSIR NET Preparation - 10 Important Things To Know The start is always Sacred, It’s the most important part of your preparation plan....
CSIR-NET 2021 Postponed

NOTICE : CSIR NET Exams Postponed Till July 2021

CSIR-NET 2021 Postponed - CSIR-NET 2021 Latest News As per the official Twitter handle of CSIR-HRDG, the CSIR-NET Exam has been postponed owing to the...

CSIR NET Exam: Top 10 Obstacles That Will Delay Your Success + Solutions

CSIR NET Exam Obstacles - Top 10 Problems That Will Delay Your Success Obstacles are temporary, Failures are temporary, and Success is never a myth...

CSIR NET Ph.D. Admission Interview Tips – Top 10 Points To Remember

CSIR PhD Admission Interview Tips The Toughest part of CSIR NET is not the exam part but once you have qualified for the exam you...
FSSAI Exam 2021

FSSAI Food Analyst Exam 2021 – FAE & JAE 2021 Eligibility, Application

FSSAI Exam 2021 Food Analyst - FAE & JAE 2021 Application Portal for FSSAI Food Analyst Exam 2021 is NOW OPEN. Complete notification for the...
FSSAI Exam Syllabus 2021

FSSAI Food Analyst Exam Syllabus – 07th FAE & 04th JAE 2021

FSSAI Exam Syllabus 2021 - Food Analyst Exam The syllabus for the FSSAI Food Analyst Exam Syllabus - 07th FAE & 04th JAE 2021 has...

Make CSIR NET Easy & Fun: Top 10 Active Learning Ideas for CSIR NET...

CSIR NET Learning Ideas In this article, we are going to help you simplify your CSIR NET exam preparation process by giving you the Top...
CSIR NET Syllabus Mistakes

CSIR NET Syllabus Mistakes: 10 Mistakes Students Make While Managing CSIR NET Syllabus

CSIR NET Syllabus Mistakes - Top 10 List CSIR NET Exam - Also popularly known as Mother of all Entrance exams due to its vast...
CSIR-UGC NET June 2020

CSIR Notification: Issue of Certificates of Joint CSIR-UGC JRF NET June 2021

CSIR-UGC NET June 2020: Issue of Certificates Dear Biotecnikans check out the latest CSIR-UGC NET June 2020: Issue of Certificates. All of the details are...
ARS-2021 Exam Notification

Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Exam & National Eligibility Test (NET) 2021 Notification

ARS-2021 Exam Notification - NET-2021 Notification ARS-2021 Exam Notification - NET-2021 Notification. Agricultural Research Service ARS-2021 Notification. STO Notification. NET 2021 Notification. Interested applicants can...
CSIR NET Test Series

AI Powered CSIR NET Test Series 2021 Launched – Registrations Open For AI-AIMNET

CSIR NET Test Series - Artificial Intelligence Powered AIMNET Test Series For The First Time Ever Practice CSIR NET Life Science Questions with Artificial Intelligence Technology With...

CSIR NOTICE – CSIR UGC NET 2020 New Dates To Be Announced Soon ?

CSIR UGC NET 2020 Exam Updates In a recent tweet, CSIR HRDG has mentioned that the Joint CSIR UGC NET 2020 has been delayed due...
CSIR NET Exam Preparation

Exclusive LIVE Webinar : How To Use Artificial Intelligence In CSIR NET Exam Preparation

CSIR NET Exam Preparation Using Artificial Intelligence An Exclusive webinar you wouldn’t want to miss! How to use Artificial intelligence in your CSIR NET exam preparation Free...
UPSC IFS 2021 Exam

UPSC IFS Exam – Indian Forest Service Exam 2021 Application, Eligibility

UPSC IFS 2021 Exam - Indian Forest Service Exam 2021 Application, Eligibility The application is Open now for UPSC Indian Forest Service Exam – preliminary...


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