Earn from BioTecNika – Promote BioTecNika , Share & Earn

Dear BioTecNika members,

As you know we have expanded to multiple cities and we are looking at channel partners / Brand Ambassadors who will be interested in Promoting our Brand locally in their network of friends & relatives and in return earn a handsome amount of Money per month.

How it works:

  • If you know someone who is preparing for CSIR NET, GATE, ICMR, DBT Exam and is looking for coaching
  • Fill the form below with his/her information as well your information.
  • Upon filling the form you will get a Unique Coupon Code which you can give to your friend. Your friend will get Rs 1000 discount on enrolling with us.
  • If he / She enrolls for our Coaching services you get Rs 2000/- as a Reward. Your reward will be credited to your bank account Via IMPS within 48 hours of your friend enrolling with us.

Why You must earn more?

Earning More Never Hurts!

Most of us are in the 9 to 5 Job rut, We are on a treadmill of wealth creation: faster we run, more we earn. But Using BioTecNika’s Network you can earn more. This is the simplest method of earning more sitting at Home. It’s as simple as the following example:

  • Suppose you watched a Good Movie and you recommend it to your friends. If they watch it they also enjoy and thank you for sharing
  • Same ways If you liked our Coaching Services, you can recommend it to your Friends and in turn earn for the recommendation, also your friend earns a discount on his coaching expenditure. Its a win-win situation for all.

Why Promote BioTecNika’s Coaching?

  • BioTecNika is India’s No 1 BioSciences Portal which caters to 1.2 Million Bio Professionals across the globe.
  • BioTecNika is India’s Largest Chain of Coaching Company with 6 offices across 5 Cities – Bangalore, Noida, Pune, Chennai & Kolkata
  • BioTecNika is India’s Most Successful Coaching Institute with 229 selections in CSIR NET & GATE in June 2018
  • BioTecNika Offers Unlimited Classes to its students, That means your friend will get the best guidance, No conditions apply
  • Your Friend will get Free Video Recordings of all Classes being conducted at BioTecNika’s centers at Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, Noida as well as Online
  • BioTecNika uses the Most advanced e-Learning Technologies to teach its students
  • Your friend will get Double Success Guarantee on his CSIR NET & GATE Preparation.
  • Your friend can attend BioTecNika’s Classes from anywhere in the world, Only he needs a Laptop with a Good Internet connection.

You will get?

  • You will get a Gift Voucher of Rs 2000/- from Flipkart / Amazon
  • If you do not want a gift voucher then it can be redeemed as Cash. Your Bank account will be credited with Rs 2000/- within 48 hours of your friend enrolling with us. 

Got More Questions? Send an email to [email protected] and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

What is the Guarantee that BioTecNika will pay me?

  • BioTecNika is committed towards Transparency and thus you will get an SMS and Email as soon as someone pays using your unique coupon code.
  • You will get a Call within 6 working Hours of your friend enrolling with us and the money will be credited within 48 hours/voucher will be emailed to you.

How many friends you can Refer?

  • You can refer up to 100 Friends using your Coupon Code and that means 2000 X 100 = 200,000/- Rs  ( 2 Lakhs INR ) can be earned by you by just using the power of your network.

What if your friend has some questions before enrolling?

  • You can ask him to call our Toll Free Number 1800-200-3757 for any clarification. However, he must quote your coupon Code while calling to validate this offer.

Are there any Terms & Conditions?

  • Your friend must pay the full Fee in advance for the CSIR NET DSG Course to avail this Offer and use your Coupon Code.
  • If he opts to Pay in Installment then you will get the credit after he has paid the full Fee and not within 48 hours.

What if there are Any Disputes?

  • In Case of any Disputes, all Decisions of BioTecNika CEO will be Final & Binding
  • All Disputes are subject to Bangalore Jurisdiction Only.