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Eklavya Entrance Exam Results – Top 3 Free Coaching Winners!

Every year BioTecNika receives thousands of admission inquiries for its CSIR NET Coaching classes, but we have limited seats and limited capacity to provide remarkable coaching services to our students. We take the quality of our services very very seriously.

We firmly believe that coaching students for CSIR NET is a sacred duty and we must always take it seriously. And that is why we limit our seats to only 16 per batch. Because of which many deserving candidates miss out on availing our services and hence we had an Eklavya Entrance Exam – to help these deserving students. And after the exam on 12th Dec 2021 – we are ready with the Eklavya Entrance Exam Results!

In January 2022, we will be starting Classroom coaching (Bangalore) as well as Online coaching with a different admission strategy. And here are the top 3 candidates who will be receiving coaching for FREE by Biotecnika. Paper was out of 200 and the cutoff was 135. We had 1000’s of entries for the exam and the winners were found to be as mentioned below:

🥳 Congratulations to the winners – Welcome to Eklavya Batch 2022! 🥳

Place First Name Last Name Marks Scored With Cut Off of 135
2 Vidya P V 147
3 Shruti Varode 139
4 Nishetha Surendranath 133
5 Shivani Yadav 128
7 Komal Sukhija 117
10 Arushi Sharma 110
11 Sujithra G 106
12 Madhura Gurav 106
13 Shreyas Ratnaparkhi 105
14 Nandhini N J 99
15 Raganiyanthri R 97
16 Lekhashree L K 96
17 Tarannum Khatoon Siddiqui 96
18 Nishi Singh 96
19 Parnashi Dey 89
20 Prachi Bhanushali 84
22 Nerisa Lobo 77
23 Mahima Asthana 73
24 Hiranmayee Bellala 69
25 Debojyoti Nandi 67
26 Abhijita Mishra 66
27 Debasish Prusty 64
28 Naveen N 61
29 Nikita Savalsang 61
30 Muth Ma 60
31 Hemant Kumar 60
33 Aparna Naik 57
34 Akshayaa S 56
36 Sreevani B 53
37 Nancy Gupta 51
38 Suman Khanduri 46
39 Aana Raza khan 44
40 Sushanthi Margaretta 43
41 Prashant Tiwari 43
42 Minal Bhure 41
43 R.Bankim chandra Gowda 38
44 Kavita Kundal 33
45 Priya Choudhary 31
46 Karthika S 31
47 Sameera Shabnum 27
48 Katru Srujitha 23
49 Shrinivas Teli 21
50 Tanya Gupta 20
51 Varshitha J 20
52 Aparna v 20


Scholarship Details

  • Top 3 rankers will get 1 Year Classroom Coaching or Online Coaching + Online Study Materials + Hard Copy Study Materials with 100% Scholarship
  • Top 16 Students Only be given admission on a First come first serve basis.
  • If a student misses the Admission deadline then the opportunity will be passed on to the next deserving candidate in the rank list
  • The Exam fee will be adjusted in the Coaching fees for those who get admission
  • The Exam fees will be completely refunded for those who do not get admission to the Eklavya batch (which starts 4th Jan 2022)

Now if you feel like you have missed out on enrolling for Eklavya Entrance Exam or were not on the list of toppers and still want to be part of the Eklavya Batch – then Eklavya Regular Batch – Admissions Are Open!

Eklavya Premium & Regular Batch 2022

👀 Admissions Open – Only first 16 Candidates 👀

If you are still on the fence on whether to write CSIR NET Exam 2022 then watch this video

👉 Why You Must Write All 3 CSIR NET Exams In 2022 👈

Features of CSIR NET Eklavya Batch

  • Interactive Online Coaching from Biotecnika’s well-qualified and experienced teachers.
  • Printed Study Material for CSIR NET (Life Science) – 14 Books (13 books as per syllabus + 1 book for Part A)
  • Online Study Portal – Our state of art e-learning portal equips you with video recordings of every lecture that you attend ( e-copy of books, presentation’s, animations, and e-copy flashcards will be provided to get the concept registered into your mind)
  • Unlimited Classes – We do not limit your classes; attend as many classes and as many batches as you can, no limits because our goal is your success.
  • Practice tests – Weekly Class tests, Monthly Surprise tests, AI-Powered AIMNET Test Series for Revision
  • Double & Triple Success Guarantee programs to choose from
  • Additional Study Tools for smart preparation, practice, and revisions
    • Konceptika Lite e-Copy
    • Koncept Table e-Copy
    • Koncept Wheel e-Copy
    • Koncept Cloud e-Copy
    • Quick Net Revisor e-Copy
  • 24*7 Chat Support for Doubt Solving

Chat with our experts, and we will help you find the perfect exam preparation strategy for you.

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