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Jubilant Biosys Limited Jobs – Research Associate Vacancy

Jubilant Biosys Limited Jobs – Research Associate Vacancy. R&D Research Associate post for MSc Biology/ Biotechnology/Molecular Biology/Genetics/Any life sciences candidates. Check details on the same, that have been posted below:

Name of the Position: Research Associate (Invitro Biology)

Location: JBL Bangalore, IND

Functional Area: Research & Development

Key responsibilities:

  • Cell-based assay development (optimization, validation as well as compound screening) under the Group leaders’ guidance.
  • Enzyme based assay development (optimization, validation and also compound screening).
  • Invitro assay development, validation and also optimization of the cell-based assay as well as an enzyme-based assay for various targets in the respective therapeutic areas such as CNS/ Metabolic disorder/ Autoimmune/Inflammatory diseases/ Pain/Oncology in Drug Discovery field.
  • Working extensively in the area functional cell-based assays validated the same to determine the activity of brand-new chemical entities (NCEs).
  • Responsible for the writing of Protocols, uploading of the data, Laboratory notebook record keeping. SOP writing.
  • Analysis of experimental data using Graph pad PRISM (statistical Analysis Software) for IC50 as well as graphs.
  • Designing experiments, execution, calculations, data analysis, graphical representations, report results to project teams.
  • Follow the standards followed in the laboratory towards different safety aspects as well as aid the lab head in designing the new guidelines.
  • Follow ethical guidelines towards assay validation, data analysis as well as maintenance.
  • Working in a team environment in order to deliver at a faster pace.
  • Working as a team player.
  • Ought to exhibit zeal to learn brand-new skills in the respective research area.

Qualifications: Masters in Biology/Biotechnology/Molecular Biology/Genetics/Any life sciences steam with 2-8 years of experience.


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