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Indo-Russian Joint Research Call for Proposals 2017

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Indo-Russian Joint Research
Call for Proposals 2017
DEADLINE DATE 28th December 2017

Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt. of India and Russian Foundation for Basic Research concluded an MoU for funding of Joint Research Proposals in India and Russia in the areas of Basic Science. Under this MoU each project will receive annual funding of up to equivalent of US $ 20,000 (roughly Rupees 1,200,000/-from DST to the Indian partner and up to Rbls. 600,000/- from RFBR to the Russian partner).

DST and RFBR invite Indian and Russian scientists / researchers to submit proposals for Joint Research Project in the following areas of basic sciences under DST-RFBR cooperation:

– Mathematics, Mechanics and Informatics;
– Physics and Astronomy;
– Chemistry;
– Biology and Medical Sciences;
– Earth Sciences;
– Telecommunications and Computer Sciences;
– Fundamental of Engineering Sciences.

Proposals submitted in other research areas will not be considered.

Terms of the project grant:

• Support is available for Joint Research in areas of basic sciences only. Joint research
projects will be carried out by research teams from both countries. The team leaders must
hold a full-time position at a university or research institute in their respective countries.
Scientists are advised to submit only one project against this call.
• The duration of each project will be two years initially. After the completion of this period,
anapplication for additional one year may be considered on the merit of the progress.
• The team leaders should submit an application to respective nodal agency, upon
consultations, using the respective forms prescribed by DST and RFBR.
Applicationssubmitted by one side only; not on prescribed format and received after due
date will not be accepted. Indian/Russian team leaders should, therefore,ensure that
their counterpart submits an identical application on prescribed format as per guidelines of
nodal agencies by due date.
• DST and RFBR will conduct parallel review of the applications respectively based on the
agreed criteria. DST and RFBR will make joint decisions based on the review results.
• Opening of call for proposal is 9tn November, 2017.
• List of selected projects will be posted on website www.dst.gov.in and www.rfbr.ru in
March 2018.
• Successful Indian team leaders would be expected to complete various governmental
requirements before commencement of the project.
• Expected Starting of Project: April-May 2018.
• Project leaders are required to submit Statement of Expenditure / Utilisation Certificate
alongwith Project Technical report immediately after completion 1st and 2nd financial year.
• The funding for the selected projects will be provided in annual instalments. The second
instalment for each project will be provided after receipt of financial documents,
mentioned above, and on evaluation of intermediate technical reports, submitted by
Indian and Russian researchers respectively to DST and RFBR and only if both reports
are evaluated positively.

Kind of support available for Joint Project:

Each project will receive annual funding of up to Rs. 1,200,000 from DST and up to Rbls 600, 000 from RFBR. This funding will cover the following expenses in connection with a project;

• Consumables and other research expenses; Expenditure by project team in their
country would be borne by the respective country, i.e., DST would support expenditure
on Indian side of the project whereas RFBR would meet the expenditure of Russian
• Support for Exchange visit component:The sending side would provide return
international airfare, accommodation, per diem, etc. Presently, for the approved visit of
Indian scientists to Russia, following expenditure are agreed: international fare (from
nearest airport to destination city by economy excursion class), cash allowance @ US $
50 per day for visit less than a week and @ US $ 40 per day for longer visit;
accommodation up to US $ 100 per night (subject to receipt), local transport up to US $
25 (subject to receipt) and overseas medical insurance by silver class for visit duration.
• Institutional Overhead: AS per DST norms.

Indian Project Coordinators are expected to give break-up and justification for their

Submitting an application:

Indian applicants for funding should submit completed application form and all relevant, clearly labelled attachments in a single email to the email address: [email protected] to reach by 5 pm on 28th December 2017. An email acknowledging receipt of the application will be provided to the applicant in 7 working days. They are also requested to send eight hard copies to DST by 4th January 2018. It should be ensured that application with identical title has been submitted by his / her Russian counterpart scientist with RFBR by due date.

For further details and clarifications, if any, kindly contact any of the following in India or Russia:

For India
Mr. SK Varshney
Scientist `G’, International Division
Department of Science & Technology,
Ministry of Science & Technology,
Technology Bhavan, New Mehrauli Road,
New Delhi – 110 016., India

Fax: +91-11-26862418
E-mail: [email protected]
URL: www.dst.gov.in

Application Deadline – by 5 pm on 28th December 2017

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