UGC National Scholarship For Postgraduate Studies - 10,000 Spots Up For Grabs!

UGC National Scholarship For Postgraduate Studies – 10,000 Spots Up For Grabs!

UGC National Scholarship For Postgraduate Studies – 10,000 Spots Up For Grabs! UGC National Scholarship For Postgraduate Studies 2023. Interested and eligible applicants can check out all of the details on the same below:

This call expires in

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NEW DELHI – 110 002


Ten thousand (10000) National Scholarships or as may be decided by the Commission, at the rate of Rs.15,000/- per month for 10 months in a year, are available for Indian students for two years to pursue higher studies, within India, leading to award of Postgraduate Degree under the scheme ‘National Scholarship for Post Graduate Studies’.

The slots shall be allocated as per Govt. of India reservation policy. However 30% slots will be reserved for the women candidates.

Note: The slots reserved for women students, will be filled first by ‘Single/twin/fraternal Girl Child’, without considering their marks in UG examination. The remaining slots will be filled up by merit.

The selection under the schemes is done purely on all- India merit basis (except those mentioned in the

‘Note’ above) from among the candidates who have applied for the scholarship under the scheme, through online mode only on the designated portal, i.e., National Scholarship Portal of Government of India.

The scholarship is open to those students who have acquired a recognized Undergraduate Degree from an Institution which is recognized under Section 2(f) or Section 3 of UGC Act, 1956 or is authorized to award specified degrees as per section 22(1) of the UGC Act.



  1. The scholarship is available to the students for the first PG Degree programme only. Students, who have already acquired any postgraduate degree, are not eligible to apply.
  2. Only the students, who are already admitted in the first year of PG degree programme in an eligible university/college/institution, (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Institution’), are eligible to apply.
  3. In case of integrated programmes, the scholarship shall be given for PG component only.
  4. Only students who are below the age of 30 years of age as on the date of admission in the first semester/year of a PG programme are eligible to apply under these schemes.
  5. The scholarship is available only for students who are admitted to PG degree programme through ‘Regular/Full Time’ mode. The students, who are pursuing any PG programme through open/distance/correspondence mode, private or part-time mode, are not eligible to apply.
  6. The scholarship is available only for students who are pursuing recognized PG degree programmes leading to specified PG degrees notified by UGC from time to time i.e. the nomenclature and duration of course should be as per UGC Notification on Specification of Degrees, 2014, as amended from time to time.

(ii) TYPES OF INSTITUTION: The scholarships under these schemes shall be available for pursuing PG degree programme in the following types of institutions only:

  1. Universities/Colleges/Institutions included under Section 2(f) of UGC Act, 1956 and having valid accreditation from NAAC.
  2. Deemed to be Universities under Section 3 of the UGC Act 1956 and having valid accreditation from NAAC.
  3. Institutions fully funded by Central or State Governments and empowered to award Degrees.
  4. Institutions of National Importance.

Note: It is mandatory for the University/College/Institute to have a valid AISHE code for accessing the National Scholarship Portal (NSP). The institution with AISHE code can get themselves registered/re-registered on NSP portal through District/State nodal officers for NSP.


(i) A student is eligible to receive only one scholarship at a time. The student is required to declare that he/she shall not accept/ receive any other monetary benefit/scholarship/ fellowship from any other source. In other words, a student who receives scholarship under this scheme, shall not accept any other scholarship or hold any appointment, paid or otherwise, or receive any emoluments, salary, stipend, etc. from any other source during the tenure of the scholarship.

(ii) If a student, selected under the scheme, wishes to avail of/ apply for any other scholarship/ financial assistance/paid assignment/examination during the tenure of the fellowship, he/she is not required to obtain NOC from UGC, however, in case of selection, he/she would be required to tender his/her resignation from the UGC scholarship.

(iii) In case a student is already in receipt of any scholarship/fellowship, he/she is still eligible to apply under the scheme subject to the condition that it is declared in his/her application. If the student is selected under this scheme, he/she shall have to relinquish either the previous scholarship/fellowship/any other monetary benefit or to cancel the selection under these schemes.

(iv) AADHAAR SEEDING: The scholarship is directly paid to the students into their
bank accounts. For this their bank account numbers are required to be Aadhaar
linked and verified. As per the instructions of Government of India, the Aadhaar has
been made mandatory for disbursement of all Government subsidies/Scholarships/ Fellowships which are disbursed directly into the beneficiary’s account. Accordingly, Aadhaar shall be used as an Identifier for release of grant under the scheme.

(v) SELECTION PROCEDURE: The selection shall be made strictly as per the
merit of candidates except in case of ‘Single/Twin/Fraternal Girl Child’. The slots
shall be allocated as per Govt. of India reservation policy. However 30% slots will
be reserved for the women candidates.

Further, 50% of slots under each category are earmarked for Arts, Humanities and
Social Sciences, Law, Management and other 50% are earmarked for Science,
Engineering & Technology, medical, technical, agriculture, forestry programmes.

In case of tie/more than one candidate having similar marks in their UG
examination, at the lowest level of merit list, the list shall be further short
listed/segregated on the basis of marks obtained by them in Under-graduation
(UG). In case, there are still more candidates in the merit list as compared to the
desired/declared slots, further short listing shall be done on the basis of marks
obtained by candidates in XII class.

The result shall be declared normally in the month of November/December of the
same year by NSP. The candidates shall be able to check their result on the
National Scholarship Portal by using their User ID and Password generated at the
time of filing online application. The results shall also be uploaded on UGC website


(I) Applications will be invited once in a year on the National e-Scholarship
Portal of the Government of India. Short notification will also be uploaded
on the UGC website.

(II) Incomplete applications will be summarily rejected. Only verified online
applications will be considered for award of scholarship.

(III) Students are not required to upload any certificate/affidavit on NSP while
submitting their online applications. However, as per requirement of scheme
they have to submit necessary documents to their institutions to enable
them to verify their online applications.

(IV) In case, a student does not have a separate KYC compliant bank account in
their name, he/she should open a KYC compliant bank account in his/her
name and give its correct information in the online application. Even if a
student is selected for scholarship, the payment of scholarship may not be
generated due to mis-match of name of student, bank account number,
IFSC code etc.

(V) Students are advised to fill the online application on NSP very carefully. The
application may be rejected or payment may be stopped due to the wrong
information in the online application No correspondence will be entertained
in this regard after the application is verified by their institution.

(VI) The institutions are also advised to check whether the student has given
correct information in their online application.

(VII) The Institution shall verify the eligibility of its students on the basis of
documents submitted by students. The Institution may ask for Certificates,
Affidavits from students to ensure the eligibility and verify the information
given by the students in their online application. These include Certificate
issued by the competent authorities for Caste and or Category, under
which student has applied.

(VIII) The institution shall retain all documents of its students for record purpose
during the period of scholarship plus two years after the end of scholarship.
UGC reserves the right to call for the documents of any student, any time.

(IX) After verifying the eligibility of its students for scholarship under the
scheme, the institution shall verify the online application on NSP within the
stipulated time. While verifying the online application, the institutions shall
upload a scanned copy of certificate on the Portal. A format of the Certificate
for verifying ‘Fresh’ applications is attached below. Original copy of
Certificate shall be retained by institution with other record of student.


(I) Scholarship granted under the scheme will be kept renewed during the period
of first degree course, subject to good conduct and maintenance of prescribed

(II) The scholarship will be renewed for the next year of study on successful
completion of first year of study.

(III) During the next year of study, students are required to apply for ‘Renewal’
of their scholarship on the National e-Scholarship Portal of the Government
of India. Short notification will also be uploaded on the UGC website.

(IV) Students failing to get promoted to the next class/ level would forfeit the

(V) Change in ‘course of study’ and ‘institution’ is not permitted. If the student
changes the course of study or change the institution, the scholarship will
stand forfeited from the date of such a change.

(VI) Normally the NSP is opened for ‘Fresh’ and ‘Renewal’ applications, at the
same time. Only those applications are accepted, which are verified by the
Institutions within the given time frame. Therefore, institutions are advised
to verify the ‘Renewal’ applications of its students on NSP along with fresh
applications. For verifying ‘Renewal’ applications, the institutions are
required to upload a scanned copy of Certificate on NSP. A format of
Certificate for ‘Renewal’ applications is attached below.


Scholarship to the identified students (as certified, verified by the institutions under
this scheme) will be disbursed by UGC through DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer) Mode
and will be transferred to the Bank account of student. This procedure will be
completed through PFMS.


(I) Format of Certificate for Institutions, to be uploaded at the time of verification
of ‘Fresh’ applications (attached below).

(II) Format of Certificate for Institutions to be uploaded at the time of verification
of ‘Renewal’ applications (attached below).


The institutions are also required to strictly follow the following procedure:

(I) Read the guidelines of scheme before going for verification of online
applications. Only those Applications shall be verified by Institution which
conform to the guidelines of the scheme. Only the applications of its bonafide
students, who are admitted for regular/full time courses, need to be verified.

(II) Ensure that their institution is also eligible under the scheme. Only the
institutions mentioned in these guidelines are eligible to verify applications
of its students.

(III) Ensure that the ‘nomenclature’ and ‘duration of course’ of its students are
strictly as per the UGC Notification on Specification of Degrees, 2014 (as
amended from time to time).

(IV) Verify and ensure the eligibility of candidate for the scholarship under the

(V) Verify and ensure the authenticity and correctness of documents regarding
Caste and or Category under which student has applied, are as per the
requirement of scheme.

(VI) Verify/authenticate the educational qualifications and marks obtained by

(VII) Keep all the hard copies of documents related to students in its safe custody
during the tenure of scholarship and at least two years after declaration of
result of degree examination of student concerned.

(VIII) Encourage and guide its eligible students to apply well in time on NSP when
portal is open for online applications. Verify applications of its eligible
students on NSP within stipulated time frame.


1. Strict action shall be taken against the student for furnishing any type of
wrong/misleading information in respect of his/her eligibility and other details
for getting the scholarship and for furnishing wrong/misleading information
during the period of scholarship. UGC reserves the right to take action/initiate
proceedings against such students and for recovery of full amount of paid
scholarship along with interest.

2. The institution concerned and its officials shall be held responsible if any
payment is made to an ineligible student on the basis of verification done by it
or uploading of wrong/misleading information on the portal by the student or
by the institution. Action shall be taken against the institution/officials
including blacklisting of institution and recovery of paid amount of scholarship
with interest from the institution/officials concerned.

3. Un-authorized access of portal or Filing of bogus or multiple on-line applications
or putting junk data on the portal shall invite action under the relevant
provisions of the Information Technology (IT) Act.


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