NEET 2022 Question Paper Discussion - NEET UG 2022 Question Paper

NEET 2022 Question Paper Discussion – NEET UG 2022 Question Paper

Dear NEET Aspirants

Finally after all of the confusion, stress and anxiety, for better or for worse you are done with the NEET UG 2022 Examination. Congratulations to all those who powered through and tried to give it their best shot. We know times were tough and that there was a lot of uncertainty that you had to face. But now it’s time to check back and see how we have fared in this important examination. 

Like all players observe their past games and that of the opponents to check which weak links need to be fixed, similarly checking back on the paper we just finished attempting can give us a report on where we went wrong and what we got right. 


And to help you anlayze and strategize better, Biotecnika NEET will be discussing the NEET UG 2022 Question paper, we will be focusing on Zoology, Botany & Chemistry. Our NEET Experts will be going in-depth and in detail in these sections over the course of 8 days. FREE LIVE Sessions with FREE Downloads for attendees and this will be held on the

Biotecnika YouTube channel. 60 mins are all that is needed. 

Now is the right time to approach these questions, since post exam haze has lifted. With an open mind and a fresh set of eyes, you can now gain insight on how to prepare ahead. Whether this was the only attempt or if you plan on writing this exam again, having the experts decode and also guide you through will help you solidify your strategies and game plans further. You will also get FREE Downloads on Attending the LIVE Session.


NEET UG 2022 Question Paper Discussion Schedule 


  • Starting From – 25th July 2022 
  • Time – 4 PM To 5 PM 
  • Question Paper Code – S3
  • Platform – Biotecnika YouTube Channel
Date Subject Faculty
25/07/2022 Biology-zoology Caroline ma’am
26/07/2022 Chemistry Tushar sir
27/07/2022 Biology-Botany Riya ma’am
28/07/2022 Chemistry Pallavi ma’am
29/07/2022 Biology-zoology Caroline ma’am
01/08/2022 Chemistry Pallavi ma’am 
02/08/2022 Biology-Botany Riya ma’am
03/08/2022 Chemistry Tushar sir


So what are you waiting for just REGISTER and join us LIVE from 25th July 2022 (Monday) onwards, get all your doubts cleared and get some FREE Downloads at the same time.

See you soon.

NEET 2022 Question Paper Discussion – NEET UG 2022 Question Paper

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