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Government launches Biotech Centre At Kimin, Arunachal Pradesh

A new Biotechnology Centre for Northeast tribals in Kimin, Arunachal Pradesh, has been inaugurated by Dr. Jitendra Singh, Union Minister of State Science & Technology.

The minister stated that the government intends to conserve and sustainably utilize local bio-resources through the use of biotechnological tools and is generously backed by the DBT, Ministry of Science and Technology.

Government launches Biotech Centre
Image Credits: pib.gov.in

He dedicated the DBT-supported Skill Vigyan Programme in Biotechnology to Arunachal Pradesh.

He further stated that the program is a focused effort to build collaborations with the Government of India’s Skill Vigyan and Accelerate Vigyan initiatives. It endeavors to facilitate the advancement of career paths for young grads in life sciences/biotechnology by providing hands-on training for building quality careers and developing entrepreneurship, including capacity building of young faculty members in crucial STI domains.

There are 4 types of training programs in the list: (i) Students Training Programme, (ii) Technician Training Programme, (iii) Faculty Training Programme, and (iv) Entrepreneurship Development Programme.

Government launches Biotech Centre
Image Credits: pib.gov.in

He also stated that this center would provide new opportunities for youths to earn a living and work for themselves. The Centre will also help to develop biodiversity and

associated industries such as horticulture and agriculture. The Orchidarium, Banana Fibre, and Aroma units of the center will raise awareness and teach youths in these areas and give self-employment opportunities through Biotechnology intervention. This center is specially designed for the welfare of youngsters.

Rajeev Verma, Chief Secretary in charge, stated that the Centre for Bioresources was built in a record time of three years, with the unwavering help and financial support of Rs 49 crores from the DBT, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. It is the first-of-its-kind “Centre of Excellence” in Northeastern India.


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