Importance of Publishing Research Papers In UG / PG
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Importance of Publishing Research Papers In UG / PG

It feels good to be acknowledged for a piece of work that has been done by you. Apart from the fact that a publication creates a niche for you in the online research world, it also guarantees you to have your experience, exposure, expertise, and views recognized. With the growing competition in the field of biosciences, it is vital to begin to prove your skills, abilities and domain knowledge as early as possible. A higher education degree in life sciences is not actually worth it unless you have acquired hands-on experience in your field of interest. This is one of the reasons that institutes and universities have devoted an entire semester to a project or an internship.

While you enroll for your UG or PG project, try applying under reputable laboratories or institutes. This will guarantee you a good work environment and a lot of facilities to conduct your project on a large scale. Such projects, under a suitable supervisor, will often be converted into a research publication. These publications add weightage to your profile as well as your University degree.

Let’s discuss in details the Importance of Publishing Research Papers In UG / PG

1. Helps In Enrolling For Higher Education At Reputed Institutes

Each institute and university has a separate entrance eligibility criteria. Some have a selection based on an examination, some select based on academic excellence and some select based on the candidate profile. In case there are limited seats in the institute, they may select the candidate based on the potential and abilities displayed in the applied field. Many Universities consider a candidate’s application into a Masters degree if they have sufficient practical knowledge and hands-on experience. Supervisors select candidates for enrolling under Ph.D., if they have displayed research abilities in well-known journals.

2. Helps In Enrolling For Higher Education Abroad

While enrolling for higher education abroad, you need to prove your degree equivalency through a recognized organization like IQAS, WES, etc. They ask for transcripts from your universities and grant the education status based on the university accreditations and the course quality. Many a time, a qualified Masters in a country, may not be granted equal status by the assessment board. During this assessment, they may also check for the presence of projects in the course curriculum.

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Again, while applying for scholarship programs abroad, the competition can be eliminated by having a strong research profile. This is provided by authoring publications in leading journals and under well known scientific publishers. The candidates may be scored based on the relevance of their publications and the impact factor that it carries.

3. Helps In Applying For A Career In Research

In the future, if you wish to pursue a career in research, you will require to showcase your abilities in advance. The company or institute where you apply has not seen your work in a laboratory environment, hence it is essential for you to have recommendations and references with you. Again, the work that you have done and the skills that you claim can only be proved by documentation. For example certificates of project completion or a research publication in a well-known journal. These add to the authenticity of your claims.

While looking for a suitable candidate, the employer or professor will be interested in understanding your area of interest and whether it matches the vision or the working of the institute. Once you have a proven track record in the chosen field of interest, your selection becomes easier.

4. Helps In Applying For Teaching Positions

Government colleges and Government aided colleges appoint Assistant professors and Associate professors based on their qualifications. If you have a Ph.D. it adds to your score and you tend to have a higher chance than the others. In other cases, if you have just qualified a PG degree with a certification of NET/SET, you can gain extra weightage by showing your research publications. As per the UGC rules, publications add to your profile score and based on the total score you are called for further interview and counseling.

Promotions in the teaching field and full-time employment often require research potential in the candidate. Though you will be ‘teaching’ a certain subject, you must know its use in the industry. This will help the faculty provide all-around information during the course. The start to this is by working on your publications and projects and in due course your thesis for a doctorate. You cannot be granted the position of a Professor under a University unless you have a doctorate degree, sufficient research exposure and have brought projects under your tenure.

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5. Helps In Scientific Writing

The more you read and write the more fluent you become. You may be excellent in communication and must have good control over your language, but scientific writing is a totally different area. A lot of students submit their projects and thesis for review and are returned with many questions and corrections. The way you present and document your hard work and all the data you have collected is a very important criterion for journals.

There are many acceptance protocols that you have to keep in mind. Often it is seen that a publication may be rejected by a well-known journal, but may be accepted by a less known or less impact journal. This shows that there may have been some flaws in the content or in the writing ability that might have lead to rejection in the first go.

In other words, it is very tough to gain entry into the top grade journals. The more you write, the better you become. Initially, your publications may be authored by your guide or supervisor and you may be kept as a co-author. But as you gain experience you may also begin writing papers with your name as the first author. That is when you have created a mark for yourself. So the earlier you begin the faster you can achieve your goal.

So, let us have a look at the benefits of publishing research papers in well-known journals;

  • Highlight your CV above all others
  • Be recognized by the academicians of the world
  • Prove your area of interest and genre of expertise
  • Will Help you gain access to better work opportunities
  • Will Help you set a mark in the research world
  • Will Help you enroll in higher studies and doctorate degree
  • Will Help you enroll in foreign universities
  • Proof that you have kept yourself up-to-date with the latest ongoings in your field
  • Improve your scientific writing abilities
  • Be eligible to share your work in conferences, seminars
  • Be eligible to obtain scholarships and funding for your work
  • Be able to patent your novel work in due course of time and also gain royalties from its use
  • You may also gain royalty when fellow scientific fraternity gain access to your publication and use it in their literary support
  • Be able to apply for faculty positions at well-known institutes and universities
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So here we are with important points describing the Importance of Publishing Research Papers. Apart from all of these lucrative benefits, the most important aspect is to share the knowledge that you have gathered so far. The more publications you have, the more hard work you have put in, and the more experience and knowledge you have obtained. You must document these and share it with the scientific community so that your work and insight may be used and carried forward to create better solutions to world problems. The earlier you begin, the more you have to offer. While you are completing your UG and PG, you will have a fixed course curriculum and will be able to make time for participating in projects and internships. Utilize this time well and focus on building a stronger resume, so that you have less to worry about by the time you complete your studies.

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