CSIR – Raman Research Fellowships for the year 2016-2017

Applications are invited from CSIR institutes for the award of Raman Research Fellowships for the year 2016-2017. The Raman Research Fellowships are granted to the CSIR researchers for carrying out research in the emerging / high priority areas. It is tenable at foreign institutions / R&D Centres of excellence. The entire cost is met by CSIR HQs.

The application proforma & the details regarding eligibility, terms & conditions etc. are given below. Applications of upto two eligible and meritorious candidates may be forwarded to ISTAD, CSIR after thorough and careful evaluation. All applications will be returned to the concerned Institute if the number of nominations exceeds two.

Salient Features of Raman Research Fellowship (RRF)

Objective : The Fellowship is granted to the CSIR Scientists for carrying out research in the emerging/high priority areas in reputed foreign institutions/R&D Centres of Excellence to enhance their R&D skills/capability. The Fellowship is tenable abroad at CSIR cost.

Eligibility : Regular Scientists of CSIR with high academic qualifications (Post graduate in Engineering and PhD in Engineering) and research experience, presently working in high priority areas, who have completed minimum 5 years of service in CSIR on the last

date for receipt of the applications. The applicant must have made commendable contribution to research / innovation in the proposed area, which should be of international level. Fellowship should not be sought for training or to carry out tests, etc. using facilities in the host institute. The RRF must be sought to further enhance the skills/capability. The candidate should not be more than 45 year of age as on June 20, 2016.

Fellowship tenure : Three to Six Months (in one spell only)

Area : Applied research topics in the high priority areas of the Laboratory/CSIR and also any specific area under Basic Science of relevance and immediate importance.

Terms : During the Fellowship period the Scientist will be called “Raman Research Fellow”. The Fellow will be sent abroad on deputation terms.

Financial Terms

  • International air fare to & fro by cheapest Economy class
  • Fellowship @ US $ 2500/- per month
  • US$1000/- lump sum towards contingency and preparatory expenses
  • US$1000/- Supplementary grant for participation in Conferences/visiting institutions of excellence in country of placement

Mode of Selection :  Through interview by a duly constituted Selection Committee to be constituted by the DG CSIR. The candidate must furnish at the time of interview, letter of acceptance from the host-institution duly approved by the Director of the Institutes indicating the specific study work to be carried out abroad. The candidate can make Power point presentation (upto 5 slides) for 7 minutes, first four minutes for the present research activities and remaining 3 minutes for the proposed research work.

Bond : The selected candidates shall execute a bond before proceeding abroad on Fellowship to serve the concerned Lab/Instt. for three years on his/her return.

How to Apply :

  • The candidates are required to submit 7 (seven) copies of their application form. In addition an electronic copy of the nomination summary as per annexure-Ill may be sent to the undersigned ([email protected] & [email protected] ).

Download Application Form Format Here

  • The nominated candidates are expected not only to be meritorious but also be fully aware of the national agenda in Science and CSIR’s Vision. They are expected to possess general awareness about our country, its culture, history and present day socio-economic and geo-political issues.
  • The selection will be made through a mechanism of interview by the duly constituted Selection Committee. The interviews are to be held in CSIR HQs., New Delhi during last week of July /first week of August 2016. The exact date and time of the interview will be intimated to all the eligible candidates about one month in advance.

The last date for receipt of the duly filled in applications, complete in all respects is June 20, 2016. Applications received after the last date will be summarily reiected.

The candidates are advised not to correspond directly but may feel free to make enquiries through ISTAG of their respective Lab/lnstt.

Terms and conditions governing “RAMAN RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP”

1. The individual availing this Fellowship would be called ‘Raman Research Fellow’.

2. The Fellowship will be for a period of 3 to 6 months on deputation terms. It is awarded for research and training in the specific areas of priority identified by the CSIR. The Fellow should not deviate his research topic during the tenure of the fellowship from the proposed subject of work and also should not change the place of work without prior written approval of CSIR.

3. Extension of fellowship beyond the period mentioned in para 2 above shall not be generally considered unless there are exceptional circumstances justifying such extension which could not be visualized at the time of submitting the final plan of work. Such a request should be received in CSIR from the Fellow through his/her guide and Director, at least one month before expiry of the sanctioned period, indicating specific recommendation of his/her host institute and the Director of the Laboratory and confirming that the fellow has been submitting the quarterly Progress Report regularly on schedule.

4. Rules governing payment of salary, leave, medical, gratuity, GPF, Pension, etc. of the Laboratory/Institute to which the Fellow belongs, would continue to be applicable during the fellowship period and shall be the liability of the Lab./Institute concerned.

5. He/She will be entitled to air passage in cheapest economy class both ways by Air-India only from his/her present place of duty to the place of training by the direct route. No other air-lines can be used for this purpose except in sectors where Air-India does not operate. In sectors where Air-India does not operate, air passage should be got booked through AirIndia, and will be limited to Air India fares.

6. The fellow will be entitled to fellowship in foreign exchange equivalent to US$ 2500/- (US dollars Two thousand and five hundred only) per month in the country of study in the appropriate currency depending on the place of the training, subject to RBI regulations. In addition to this he/she will be provided a supplementary grant of US$1000/- for participation in Conferences/visiting institutions of excellence in country of placement. He/She will also be entitled to US$1000/- as lump sum contingency to cover expenses which may be directly related to his/her work. It will also cover the commission charged by the authorised Banks on the transfer of the foreign exchange to the Fellow’s account in foreign country, visa fee, etc.

7. The Fellow would be required to get his medical insurance done from an appropriate Indian Insurance Company before proceeding abroad. The expenditure on the medical insurance will be borne by the Fellow out of the Contingency amount granted.

8. The Institution in which the fellow will work do not generally charge any fee. The Director of the Institute presumably must have ensured that no fee is payable in this case.

9. The Fellow is expected to take appropriate measures to protect the IPR likely to be generated during his/her stay at the host-institution.

10.The Fellow shall be required to execute a bond before proceeding on Fellowship to serve the concerned institute for Three years on return from fellowship.

11.If the Fellow does not return to India or gets job opportunities overseas on completion of the fellowship, the Institute will recover the entire expenditure from the fellow and remit it to the CSIR. In addition, the matter shall be taken up with host Institution and concerned Government through Indian mission abroad for suitable/legal action as deemed fit. – 8 –

12.The Fellow will devote his/her whole time on his/her chosen area of specialization during the tenure of his/her fellowship, and will not seek gainful employment elsewhere without the prior permission of CSIR.

13.The Fellow shall submit a quarterly Progress Report on his/her research activities overseas during the fellowship abroad within 15 days on expiry of each quarter and a detailed Final Report on his/her return from abroad within a fortnight. The quarterly Progress Report or on the Final Report, as the case may be, will be forwarded to CSIR immediately alongwith `Critical Appraisal’ of the same by the Director of the Institute.

14.The institute shall also send alongwith the Final Report, a statement of expenditure, duly certified by the F&AO of the laboratory indicating inter-alia, the name of the fellow, position held in Instt., period of fellowship, name of foreign Institute where fellowship was availed, Title of research, details of travel expenses to & fro, Fellowship and Contingency expenses (in foreign currency as well as Indian Rupees), salary paid in India and any other payment made to him/her.

15.The fellowship should commence within the same financial year in which it is awarded i.e. April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017.

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