Top clinical research organization
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Top Clinical Research Organizations

Clinical research organizations help drug makers throughout the clinical trial process to boost efficiency and speed. CRO is a service organization that supports the pharma and biotechnology enterprises in the form of outsourced pharmaceutical research services (for both drugs and medical devices). They offer their customers the experience of moving a new drug or device from inception to FDA marketing authorization without the drug sponsor having to employ a staff for these services.

Clinical research organizations sustain pharma firms during the research and development phase by offering a way for several of the essential phases in the clinical trial process to be outsourced.

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Clinical research study organizations play a main part in the pharmaceutical sector’s R&D initiatives.

  1. Covance
  • Founded: April 1996
  • CEO: Paul Kirchgraber MD
  • Headquarters: Princeton, New Jersey, United States
  • Revenue: 11.55 Billion USD
  • Number of employees: 50,000+ (2017)
  • Subsidiaries: GlobalCare Clinical Trials, LLC
  • Parent organization: LabCorp
  • Services: Pharmaceutical Development nonclinical, preclinical, clinical, and commercialization services
  • Website:

Covance Inc is a worldwide CRO offering preclinical, clinical, and commercialization services for the pharma and biotech industries, and it is the most widespread drug development company. The company is completely dedicated to advancing medical care and delivering Solutions Made Real.

Their distinct point of view, developed from years of scientific expertise and accuracy delivery of the largest volume of drug development data worldwide, along with their innovative technology solutions, assists their customers to determine novel methods and prepare for future challenges as they evolve.

The company concentrates on clinical research and offers services to assist with drug development during the clinical research process from early-stage research to post-regulatory authorization.

Furthermore, they offer laboratory testing services to the chemical/agrochemical sectors. They are a market leader in toxicology services, central lab services, discovery services, and a top worldwide supplier of Phase III clinical trial management services.


  • Founded: February 1982
  • Founder: Dennis Gillings
  • CEO: Ari Bousbib
  • Headquarters: Durham, North Carolina, United States
  • Revenue: 11.093 Billion USD
  • Number of employees: 67,0000+ (2019)
  • Subsidiaries: IMS Health, IQVIA Biotech LLC, Novasyte, LLC.
  • Services: Support services for pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical companies and individuals
  • Website:

IQVIA was established out of a merger between Quintiles and IMS Health in 2016.

IQVIA concentrates on leveraging its IQVIA Core platform to assist the pharmaceutical firms and other medical bodies to innovate and maximize opportunities. Along with clinical development, the firm has actually additionally developed analytics and technology services to aid the clinical industry to commercialize products.

IQVIA is an international CRO offering biopharmaceutical development, laboratory, analytical, and consulting services for phase I-IV clinical trials.

IQVIA is a world leader in using data, technology, progressed analytics, and expertise to aid clients drive healthcare – as well as human health – ahead. They are also enabling a much more modern, more effective, and more effective health care system and developing breakthrough solutions.

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IQVIA utilizes Human Data Science – the integration of data science, technology, and human science – to aid customers in addressing both existing demands and future opportunities.

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3. Syneos Health

  • Founded: 1998
  • CEO: Alistair Macdonald
  • Headquarters: Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
  • Revenue: 4.676 Billion USD
  • Number of employees: 24,000
  • Subsidiaries: The Navicor Group, MDS Harris
  • Website:

Syneos Health provides clinical development and consulting services for the biopharmaceutical industry, and they provide their services in more than 110 nations. It was established by the merger of INC Research and inVentiv Health. They provide biopharmaceutical services in 3 areas – Clinical development, commercialization, and consulting.

Syneos is also a functional service provider covering areas including biostatistics, pharmacovigilance, and patient recruitment.

It is an end-to-end, totally integrated, biopharmaceutical solutions company that functions differently. At Syneos Health, all the disciplines involved in bringing novel therapies to market, from clinical to commercial, collaborate to produce consumer success. Their unique Biopharmaceutical Acceleration Model provides value across the small to mid-size to large customer continuum.

It is the only fully integrated biopharmaceutical solutions company in addition to being a CRO and Contract Commercial Organization.

4. Pharmaceutical Product Development

  • Founded: 1985
  • Founder: Fredric N Eshelman
  • Headquarters: Wilmington, North Carolina, United States
  • Revenue: 4.031 Billion USD
  • Number of employees: 24,000+ (2020)
  • Subsidiaries: Jaguar Holding Company II, PPD Japan K.K.
  • Services: Contract clinical research for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, academic, and government organizations; services include drug development, laboratory, and lifecycle management.
  • Website:

PPD’s history is shaped by its dedication to consistent quality and execution, phenomenal customer-aligned service, and continual advancement to accelerate the general execution of clinical trials.

They have offices in 46 countries. PPD applies cutting-edge technologies, therapeutic proficiency as well as a firm commitment to quality to assist clients in bending the price and also time curve of drug development and optimize value in delivering life-altering therapies to enhance health.

The firm concentrates on 3 areas: drug development, lab, and lifecycle management services. Their clients include pharma firms, medical device makers, academic organizations, and government agencies.

PPD introduced a new patient enrolment model known as PatientAdvantage, which it claims decreases the time as well as the price of carrying out clinical trials by performing a data-driven research study to determine eligible individuals.

PPD is a leading global CRO offering detailed, integrated medicine drug, lab, and lifecycle management services. Their clients include pharma, biotech, medical device, academic, and government companies.

5. PRA Health Sciences

  • Founded: 1976
  • CEO: Colin Shannon
  • Headquarters: Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
  • Revenue: 3.066 Billion USD
  • Number of employees: 17,000+
  • Website:
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PRA Health Sciences are a worldwide healthcare intelligence partner, consistently rated among the leading CROs and also ideal employers around the world.

They help develop life-saving and life-improving medications with their comprehensive clinical development services, like data monitoring, statistical analysis, clinical trial management, medical writing, and regulatory and drug development consulting.

The firm was established as an anti-inflammatory medicine study group. It was renamed Pharmaceutical Research Associates Inc in 1982.

They provide a wide range of product development and data solution to pharma and biotech firms worldwide. They have offices in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Latin America, South Africa, Australia, and the Middle East.

6. Icon plc Top clinical research organization

  • Founded: 1990
  • Founder: Ronan Lambe and Ronan Lambe
  • CEO: Steve Cutler
  • Headquarters: Dublin, Ireland
  • Revenue: 2.5958 Billion USD
  • Number of employees: 15,150
  • Subsidiaries: Icon Clinical Research Gmbh, MeDiNova Limited
  • Services: Services for pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries
  • Website:

ICON provides outsourced drug development services to biopharma, medical devices, biosimilar, and generic organizations.

It provides various consulting, development, and commercialization services in 40 nations; however, it specifically concentrates on the Asia-Pacific and Latin America areas.

Their goal has been to aid their customers to speed up the development of medications and devices that save lives and improve quality of life.

Their clients include pharma, biotech, medical devices and government, and public health organizations. They concentrate on the vital factors to the customers – decreasing time to market, decreasing expenses, and raising quality standards. Thye have been identified as one of the globe’s leading CRO via several prominent industry awards.

7. Charles River Laboratories

  • Founded: 1947
  • Founder: Dr. Henry L. Foster
  • CEO: James C. Foster
  • Headquarters: Wilmington, Massachusetts, United States
  • Revenue: 2.621 Billion USD
  • Number of employees: 17,000 (2020)
  • Subsidiaries: WIL Research Laboratories, MPI Research Inc.
  • Website:

Charles River is passionate about its role in boosting the quality of people’s lives.

They have 90 offices worldwide. They are strategically placed to coordinate global sources and apply multidisciplinary viewpoints in fixing the product’s unique challenges. They concentrate on timeliness and precision in every phase of development.

They offer research models and outsourced preclinical services for the accelerated R&D of medicines.

They are an international provider of solutions that advance the drug discovery and development process, supplying leading-edge products and services which are created to allow their customers to bring medications to the market much quicker and more effectively.

Additionally, They are a market pioneer and innovator in endotoxin testing and have created the future generation of the endotoxin testing system, called Endosafe Portable Testing System (Endosafe ®- PTS ™ ).

8. Parexel International Corporation Top clinical research organization

  • Founded: 1982
  • CEO: Jamie Macdonald
  • Headquarters: Waltham, Massachusetts, United States
  • Revenue: 2.411 Billion USD
  • Number of employees: 18,900
  • Subsidiaries: ExecuPharm Inc., Health Advances, LLC.
  • Services: clinical trial management, data management, medical writing, biostatistics, pharmacovigilance, regulatory consulting.
  • Website:
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Parexel is an international CRO providing biopharma and clinical trial management services for the clinical research sector. They have offices in more than 51 nations.

They do this by providing a collection of biopharma services that assist their customers around the world change scientific explorations into new therapies.

They give the most comprehensive drug development capacities of any CRO around the world. Their worldwide regulatory experience, Phase I-IV clinical research services, integrated eClinical technologies, and advanced commercialization services all collaborate to move through the development a lot more efficiently and cost-effectively from start to end.

The company concentrates on the development of cutting-edge novel treatments to improve people’s health. They provide a collection of groundbreaking biopharmaceutical development services that assist customers around the world to transform scientific discoveries into novel treatments for patients.

9. WuXi Apptec

  • Founded: 2000
  • Founder: Li Ge
  • CEO: Ge Li
  • Headquarters: Shanghai, China
  • Revenue: 1.859 Billion USD
  • Number of employees: 14,000
  • Subsidiaries: Cycle Solutions, Inc., Wuxi Biologics Co. Ltd
  • Services: Small Molecule Drug R&D and Manufacturing, Cell Therapy and Gene Therapy, Drug R&D and Medical Device Testing, Clinical Services
  • Website:

WuXi AppTec’s wide and integrated profile of services lets its clients and partners in the pharma, biotechnology, and medical device industries worldwide research, develop, discover, and produce innovative health care products swiftly and efficiently.

They concentrate on reducing time for the discovery and development of pharma and medical devices.

WuXi covers the development cycle through small molecules, biologics, cell and gene therapy, and genomics. It supplies support to biotech and pharma firms during the R&D process and into the commercialization phase. They have offices in 30 countries.

10. Medpace Holdings Top clinical research organization

  • Founded: 1992
  • CEO: Dr. August J. Troendle
  • Headquarters: Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
  • Revenue: 0.861 Billion USD
  • Number of employees: 2,800 (2019)
  • Subsidiaries: Medpace Australia Pty. Ltd
  • Services: Support services for pharmaceutical and medical device
  • Website:

Medpace supplies full-service clinical trial outsourcing through its medical, regulatory, and functional groups.

They supply a therapeutically focused, integrated, global strategy for smooth execution and quality outcomes.

Clinical development is more complicated and scientifically-demanding than in the past. Effective clinical trials need expertise, experience, and a disciplined team cooperating together.

It is a scientifically-driven, international, full-service clinical contract research organization giving Phase I-IV clinical development services to the biotech, pharma, and medical device industries. Medpace’s goal is to increase the international development of safe and effective medical therapies via its high-science and disciple ned operating strategy that leverages local regulative and deep therapeutic expertise throughout all main domains like oncology, cardiology, metabolic disease, endocrinology, CNS, and anti-viral and anti-infective.


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