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MARS India Quality & Food Safety Manager Job For Biology Candidates, Apply Online

MARS India Quality & Food Safety Manager Job For Biology Candidates, Apply Online. Biology job openings for Indian nationals at Mars, Incorporated. Interested and eligible candidates can check out the job opening of Quality & Food Safety Manage and all of the details below:

If you want to know what type of questions can be asked for a Quality & Food Safety Manager role at Mars, then check the bottom of the page.

Quality & Food Safety Manager for Packing Centre- Royal Canin India

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Category: R&D

Job ID: R45451

The Packaging & Distribution center QFS Manager is a key position in the E2E Supply Chain team, fully integrated into the site leadership team and driving collaboration with all site functions on Q&FS topics such as, but not limited to, compliance, conformance, incidents, change management, project deployment and continual improvement.

The Q&FS manager is responsible for the Quality and Food safety of the packaging & distribution center in India, their task is to assure the operation compliance with local regulations, external and Mars Quality Standards, the product conformance to specifications, to prevent quality related

incidents, and all the necessary activities to deliver quality products to our costumers and to generate continual improvement. They must engage all site functions and stakeholders at all levels of the organization (e.g region, market units, sourcing factories) on the total quality management. As a line manager the Q&FS Manager has to manage a team from one to 4 associates and is responsible for their objectives, development and engagement

Key Responsibilities

  • Share Q&FS requirements, review plans and influence compliance during the site building and commissioning
  • Assure packaging and distribution center validation processes according to requirements and seek approval for start-up
  • Recruits, develops, and engages the site Q&FS teams by role modelling the Five Principles
  • Implement and maintain the Packing Center QMP, ISO 9001 & 22000 certifications, stand as the document control and Nexus expert/administrator
  • Assure the deployment of MARS global Q&FS standards both for packaging (e.g. FFMM) and the distribution center (e.g. DQM, EMQM).
  • Establish, update and drive compliance to the site HACCP plan, guarantee compliance with all food safety procedures
  • Assure resources to execute the packaging and distribution center sanitation & pest management programs
  • Assure all Q&FS process and product monitoring and verification activities including internal and external audits, assure the outcomes are properly and promptly reviewed; and, when needed, assure necessary improvement actions are put in place and completed
  • Implement and manage the positive release and non-conformance processes in the site, including appropriate recording in Nexus. Stand as PRIMP owner whenever there is a site product related incident.
  • Monitor all product related complaint from consumers, ensure resolution in the allotted time scale with Customer care system (VITAL).
  • Collaborate and support other site functions on quality related matters, provide Q&FS technical advice and technical support.
  • Assure the availability of resources and influence continual improvement on site associate’s capabilities on all Q&FS topics. (this also include being responsible for training and training records)
  • Collect and analyze all sources of Q&FS monitoring and verification (e.g., conformance, audit, incidents, complaints) and assure the application of the CAPA process to generate continuous improvement, including appropriate recording in Nexus.
  • Communicate with Q&FS regional and/or global team, promptly on all critical topics including incidents, and when required on relevant site Q&FS topics.
  • Report site Q&FS metrics, opportunities, risk, and highlights on the relevant forums
  • Lead the site Q&FS management review, follow up on actions and provide relevant input for the regional management review through the VCO Factory Governance process

Context & Scope

This role will have a greater portion of CVS during the first and second year of operation; then it will cover the Q&FS function for the operation. (For the packing center as well as FG/semi FG product reception, storage and distribution)

This role requires a good level of technical expertise, highly developed communication, and interpersonal skills. It requires being oriented on quality management and continuous improvement very open-minded and conceptual minded to solve issues and find adapted solutions

Job Specifications/Qualifications


  • Quality assurance or quality and food safety-related engineering; chemistry, pharmacy or biology with strong knowledge of food safety.
  • Problem solving tools knowledge (Ishikawa, pareto, control charts, 5W, other)
  • Fluent English communication skills (written & spoken)

Experience & Qualifications

  • Food manufacturing related work experience (5years) with at least 3 years of Q&FS, HACCP or QMS experience
  • ISO standards deployment and/or audit-related experience

Key Supporting Competencies

  • Standing alone
  • Process management
  • Priority Setting
  • Developing direct reports


Here are the possible questions that can be asked for a Quality & Food Safety Manager job at MARS India

  1. Can you walk me through your experience in managing a team in a Q&FS role?
    Answer: In my previous role as a Q&FS Manager, I was responsible for managing a team of four associates. I ensured that my team was properly trained and motivated, and I provided guidance to them on how to ensure that all Q&FS processes were being followed. Additionally, I led regular team meetings to discuss ongoing projects and address any concerns they had.
  2. How would you ensure compliance with local regulations and Mars Quality Standards?
    To ensure compliance with local regulations and Mars Quality Standards, I would first ensure that all necessary training is provided to associates so that they fully understand the requirements. I would also perform regular audits to verify that all processes are being followed correctly. In case of any non-conformances, I would implement corrective actions to address the issue and prevent future occurrences.
  3. How do you ensure continuous improvement in Q&FS processes?
    Answer: To ensure continuous improvement in Q&FS processes, I would regularly review all sources of monitoring and verification data, such as conformance, audits, incidents, and complaints. Based on this data, I would identify areas for improvement and implement appropriate corrective actions. Additionally, I would promote a culture of continuous improvement among my team and other site functions, encouraging them to identify opportunities for improvement and providing them with the necessary support to implement changes.

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