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Hello, Hi, Namaste to all the listeners of Biotecnika! Myself, Tithi, a faculty with Biotecnika, will be your host for Today’s Podcast.

Let’s Get Started

14th June 2020, a Breaking News was broadcasted about Sushant Singh Rajput’s Suicide. I’m sure, many of you were just as shocked as I was when I heard the news. Severe medical depression was given as the cause of his final act. But, is it the first time we have heard about such a thing? NO! Over the years, there have been many celebrities like Marlyn Monroe, Robin Williams or our very own Parveen Babi who lost their battle with Depression.

Often times we hear of many celebrities and influencers despite having access to all things wonderful in the world, struggle a lot with mental health. Mental illness is often overlooked and is considered a stigma in society. Though over the years efforts are being made to bring about more awareness towards the importance of mental health.

Many things have been said and done about depression over the years, but do we all understand the actual meaning of it??

This word gets thrown

around a lot these days, almost diluting its meaning. So join me as I take a closer look at what is depression, is there a root cause for it? Does genetics play a role? Can we look into the Genetics of Depression?

Let’s start today’s podcast with understanding “What is Depression”?

Depression (also known as major depression or major depressive disorder) is a psychiatric disorder that affects mood, behaviour, and overall health. People with depression usually have a prolonged feeling of sadness, emptiness, or hopelessness along with some physical features like unexplained pains, digestive problems or sleeping issues.

So, what causes depression??

Tune In to the podcast now to be informed!

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  1. Dr. Tithi , podcast on depression has been very interesting providing the genetic basis.

    It is equally helpful with the encouragement to treat and possible assurance and reinforcement to overcome this condition.

    It will be very useful also to describe the benefits of non drug approaches which can help the condition to mitigate prolonged psychiatric drug use to reduce its side effects. Kindly elaborate on this aspect in future too. Thank you for the effort and clarity of the podcast. It was great. cheers. Louis.

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