Novel Kit To Predict COVID-19
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Novel Kit To Predict COVID-19 Severity By Kochi-based Start-up – Sagenome

As India continues to deal with the devastation caused by the second wave of COVID-19, a Kochi-based biotech start-up has developed a test kit – COVIGENE, for genomic analysis to predict the likelihood of developing the severe disease if infected.

It is developed by the technology-driven, genome-based wellness company Sagenome on its OhMyGene platform. It provides enough data to help people prepare for treatments and assure proper management. It offers a test for genetic variations that can help in the prediction of the severity of COVID-19.

Individuals infected with COVID-19 experience a broad array of symptoms, from a total absence of symptoms to swiftly worsening end-stage pulmonary disease. Still, COVID-19 is uniquely and tragically selective.

Morbidity and fatality from COVID-19 increase dramatically with age and co-occurring health con

ditions such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. Peer-reviewed and trustworthy published data firmly recommend that underlying genetic factors play a role in disease severity.

Core members

SAGENOME was incubated at Kerala Startup Mission in Kochi and is led by M Ayyappan, former CMD of HLL Lifecare Ltd, and M Radhakrishna Pillai, former Director of RGCB.

COVIGENE, according to Pillai, provides data on probable disease course prediction based on the profile of 4 genes.

He further stated that until now, understanding the severity of COVID-19 has been restricted to the use of clinical risk models. The addition of a genetic profile to clinical modeling will be highly beneficial. The kit will also benefit the aged and those with co-morbidities like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, COPD, and cancer.

He stated that during the pandemic, their expertise was centered on identifying and authenticating gene variants linked with the severity of COVID-19. They used this study tool to predict whether or not an individual has a greater genetic risk of developing severe disease. When diagnosed with a COVID-19 infection, it can then be used to discuss treatment options with healthcare professionals.


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