Buy Transfection Reagents For Lab Online at Low Price

Buy Transfection Reagents For Lab Online at Low Price

If you are looking to Purchase Transfection reagent Online at a reasonable price then you are at the right place. Transfection contains the addition of DNA or RNA into cells and is used to research and modulate gene expression. Transfection techniques serve as an analytical tool that facilitates the characterization of cell growth, protein synthesis, development, and functions. Transfection assays can’t only enable the progress of cellular level research, but may also improve drug discovery strategies. The non-viral transfection of genetic material into cells, also known as Gene delivery, is simplified by transfection reagents and kits. The method for gene delivery is based upon the sort of cellular and genetic material. Antibodies, proteins, and siRNA plasmid DNA are transfected into cells using techniques like electroporation, and calcium phosphate liposomes.

Top notch Biomanufacturing companies manufacture transfection reagents that are not only effective but also available at a reasonable price. Have a look at the properties of different transfection reagent provided by the manufacturers.

  1. Dharmacon Horizon

Features of Dharmacon transfection reagents:

Dharmacon Transfection Reagents are designed Mainly for small RNA transfection (DharmaFECT), co-transfection of plasmid and small RNA (DharmaFECT Duo

), plasmid transfection (DharmaFECT kb) and self-delivering siRNA for difficult to transfect cell types (Accell siRNA).

One of the main success factors in any gene modulation experiment (RNAi, overexpression, gene editing) is the inclusion of RNA and/or DNA elements into your cellular line or in vivo system. When employing transfection reagents there are three steps of a transfection reagent that is successful:

  • High-efficiency delivery
  • Low cellular toxicity
  • Broad dynamic range

They specialize in transfection of small RNA (siRNA, microRNA, crRNA, tracrRNA). DharmaFECT Duo has been specifically designed for co-delivery of small RNA with plasmid DNA, and DharmaFECT kb for delivery of plasmid DNA.

2. Takara

TakaraBio is a Canada based company who provides: Xfect Transfection Reagent. Its transfection reagent has been found to be perfect for most type of cells even the difficult-to-transfect.

Xfect Transfection Reagent:

To increase transfection efficiency is to increase the quantity of plasmid DNA and transfection reagent mix that you add to your cells. Unfortunately, because most transfection reagents damage cells during transfection, simply using more of it is not feasible.

The Xfect reagent is different–it allows you to increase your transfection efficiency to the level you require. The Xfect reagent is a biodegradable transfection polymer, screened by a pool of 2,300 candidates because of its profile and high transfection efficiency. The protocol is much easier than with transfection reagents, it’s performed in a single tube, in the presence of serum, and with no requirement for optimization of ratios.

Features of Xfect Transfection Reagent:  

  • Extremely low cytotoxicity & a High transfection efficiency
  • Transfect vivid spectrum of cell types
  • Suitable split packaging (2 x 50 rxns, or 3 x 100 rxns); share a kit with your Coworkers
  • Straightforward, single-tube, serum-compatible protocol
  • No Opti-MEM needed
  • No optimization of ratios required

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3. ABM

Abm’s transfection reagents represent a range of formulations designed to help the delivery of nucleic acids or proteins into many different cell lines with high transfection efficiency and low cell toxicity. According to a nanoparticle formulation, ABM’s premium DNAfectin Plus (Cat. No. G2500)works via a simple protocol that doesn’t require the removal of serum from the culture medium.

Buy Transfection Reagents For Lab Online at Low Price

ABM Provides:



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