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Buy Lab Instruments Online has become super simple now

Shopping for lab supplies and equipment seems like a lot of work.

You gotta log into countless vendor sites, place separate orders through multiple checkout processes and draft tons of purchase orders with each vendor and just to get what you need.

So how great would it be if you could place all your orders and manage them all in one place?

Welcome to BioTecNika Prime, that makes lab shopping simple. Now let’s say you need a particular reagent for your experiment. BioTecNika Prime allows you to comparison shop just like Amazon or Flipkart. Buy Lab Instruments Online or Lab Supplies Online in India is a difficult task and Biotecnika Prime is committed to making it simple and easy for you

You can compare products from different vendors, read reviews, see ratings and product citations and view technical info like reagent specifications, data sheets, protocols, and more.

Once you have found the right one just add to your cart and keep shopping. Meanwhile, fellow lab members can also add items to the same cart allowing your entire lab to shop together without making duplicate orders. Isn’t that a simple way to Buy Lab

Instruments Online

You can then place one order for your entire lab using a credit card or by drafting a single purchase order. While still taking advantage of special institutional pricing, BioTecNika Prime makes order management easy, allowing approved lab members to receive important order status and delivery updates.

So join the thousands of scientists, lab managers and purchasing agents shopping at BioTecNika Prime.

Sign up today and embrace the next evolution in lab shopping and Buy Lab Instruments Online

Finally, you can stop floating tenders, stop waiting for vendors

Propel your research at light’s speed with BioTecNika Prime

About BioTecNika Prime: http://labs.biotecnika.org

The burgeoning bio-supplier industry reign is promising with supplies to be made available, according to the patron’s requirement. While the 5,000 crore revenue generator is amplifying to suffice the growing demand, effectual deployment is observed to be off target.

Now Buy Lab Instruments Online at Biotecnika Lab Supply Stores which is an initiative to streamline the flow and optimize the effort behind procuring products in need. Biotecnika portrays a stage where various reagent manufacturers display their range of products, conjunction with price listing. The website comprises of categories in the likes of :

  • Buy Antibodies Online
  • Buy Assay Kits Online
  • Buy Lab Instruments Online
  • Buy Proteins Online
  • Buy Biotech & Bioinfo Softwares Online

Comparative prices for every product under a group, with respective brands associated with the manufacturing, are listed. In short, ‘Price comparison portal’ which intends to transform the way Lab supplies are ordered & purchased.

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