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Chai Bio QPCR, Real time PCR has been launched in India by BioTecNika Prime. After creating rounds of applauds and appreciation in the US Market, Chai Bio now comes to India! BioTecNika Prime launches Chai Biotechnologies qPCR for the Indian Market.

qPCR is the basic and inevitable instrument for most of the research experiment which needs any kind of amplification. Be it in research, diagnostics or any other life science application, qPCR is a must. But then, these instruments cost a fortune to the researchers.


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Both quality and price flexibility are very hard to find.

For the purpose, BioTecNika Prime has brought Chai Bio in India for all. One of the finest in USA, Chai Bio has stepped into the market with its ultra-cheap qPCR machines. qPCRs at cheap prices and fine quality along with its master mix, Chai Bio has got it all.

Meet Chai’s open qPCR which provides a fast, accurate, and portable real-time amplification and modification experience.


Chai Bio brings its other products like PCR master mix, PCR Tubes, and other reagents.

Whether it is research, academia, or biotech, Chai Bio’s qPCR has been used by a handsome number of users in these fields. Their insanely fast qPCR runs in just 20 minutes, has a small footprint and is easy to ship with all this coming at very cheap prices.


Bringing the Real-Time qPCR for real the world, Chai Bio has no compromise in the quality and durability of its products.

When it comes to service, Chai Bio has never failed to astonish its users. Chai Bio comes with a user-friendly and a classy website of its own. Browse through their categories of products and compare the prices as well as quality with other manufacturers on BioTecNika Prime and see the difference yourself.

To find all the Chai Bio’s products along with their cheap prices, visit

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About Chai Bio

Chai Biotechnologies Inc, a company based in Santa Clara, US was formed in the year 2013. Since then the sole motive of the founders Josh Perfetto and Jessie Ho has been to provide the premium quality life science laboratory products to their consumers in US and around. Their reach is counted to be very strong in the entire USA.

Chai Biotechnologies more profoundly know as Chai Bio is engaged in the manufacturing of Open qPCR, PCR Master Mix, PCR Reagents, PCR Tubes and Test Kits for Beer Spoilage. They have their own system of facilitating things by Blogs in which they encourage students to use the qPCR machine and teach them how to use it as well.

Chai Bio has a wide user base in around 40 countries and in more than 15 Top Biomedical Research Universities worldwide.

The unique thing what BioTecNika Prime found about Chai Bio is their Aim behind Chai Biotechnologies. Founders, Josh and Jessie’s idea behind Chai Bio is the accessibility of Biotechnology to every researcher. Nowadays, scientists are applying biotechnology in every field of science. With Chai, they wanted to provide everyone the tools which are precise, powerful and importantly at an ultra-affordable price. Chai’s products are designed in a way that they are simple to use and easy to understand making them super accessible to everyone around the globe.

Chai Bio connects all the researcher with an open platform that builds bridges, not barriers.

About BioTecNika Prime

BioTecNika has been a name that is associated with helping nature and hence is helping hand to all the life science minds. Founded in the year of 2006, BioTecNika recently relaunched its very dear and imperative division of laboratory supplies known as BioTecNika Prime.

With the aim of putting all the blocks together and forming a uniform and disciplined process of lab supplies procurement, BioTecNika Prime has come way ahead. Since the day of its formation, BioTecNika Prime has not left a single stone unturned in its course of onboarding leading manufacturers throughout the world and hence helping the researchers in getting the best quality laboratory supplies at cheap and genuine prices with the standard delivery.

BioTecNika Prime along with its members thrive to help the researchers by streamlining the flow and optimizing the effort behind procuring laboratory products in need. BioTecNika portrays a stage where various manufacturers display their range of products, conjunction with price listing. Comparative prices for every product, with respective brands associated with the manufacturing, are listed. BioTecNika Prime is “Price Comparison Portal” which intends to transform the way Lab supplies are ordered & purchased. BioTecNika Prime flourishes to give this luxury to the researchers and offers its members lucrative advantages on every purchase from BioTecNika Prime.

BioTecNika Prime as abiding by its Aim and Motto keeps on adding a feather to its cap by bringing world-class and top-notch manufacturers in the field of life science laboratory products to give your research ease so that you can concentrate solely on your work!

Because your Research is our responsibility and we have made this as our solemn vow!




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