Buy Antibodies For Your Research

Buy Antibodies For Your Research From Best Antibody Suppliers

Antibodies recognize and bind to their target epitope. Antibodies whether monoclonal antibodies or polyclonal antibodies can be found in both conjugated and unconjugated forms. High degree of specificity is a measure of good quality antibodies. It can be used to measure changes in biomolecules during the process of glycosylation, methylation, or phosphorylation. Recent research has made progress in the detection of diseases via antibodies like Parkinson’s, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and other ailments.


Following types of antibodies are available for easy purchase at reasonable.

  • Primary Antibodies
  • Secondary Antibodies
  • Monoclonal Antibodies
  • Polyclonal Antibodies
  • Flow Cytometry antibodies
  • IHC antibodies
  • ELISA antibodies
  • Western Blot antibodies
  • Immunofluorescence antibodies
  • Phospho specific antibodies
  • antibodies against Transcription Factors
  • Hormones and Steroids specific antibodies
  • Viral antibodies
  • Neuroscience antibodies
  • Thyroid antibodies
  • Flow Cytometry Antibodies
  • Custom Antibodies

Antibodies are manufactured all across the world by leading companies namely, Thermo Fisher, Merck, Biorad, Fitzgerald, Cell Signal,Virogen, Abcam, R&D Systems, Prosci are to name a few.

  1. Thermo Fisher:

Thermo Fisher Provides:

  • Flow Cytometry Antibodies
  • Custom Antibodies
  • Immunoassays


Merck provides the following antibodies:

  • Organelle Marker Antibodies
  • Prestige Antibodies

3. Bio Rad

Bio-Rad has developed highly specific, high affinity

antibodies that were anti-bio therapeutic to support clinical trials research and patient monitoring for innovator and bio similar products. Biorad provides anti-idiotypic antibodies (type 1) and also use guided selection strategies to develop non-neutralizing anti-idiotypic (type 2) and drug-target complex (type 3) antibodies.

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