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No.1 Biotech Magazine is an essential guide to all the news in biotechnology industry & Academia run by India’s Most popular Biotechnology Portal BioTecNika has access to world’s most influential Biotech entrepreneurs, Businesses and institutions. The magazine showcases all this via exclusive features that are insightful, informative and presented with style. If you are interested in reading latest Biotech news, Hot topics of biotech industry, Trending topics of Pharma industry, then this Biotech magazine is a must have for you.

The first ever women owned biotech start-up

In conversation with Gayathri Thankachi and Aardra Chandra Mouli, Founders, Aeka Biochemicals Pvt. Ltd. Promoting women entrepreneurship, green solutions and development of eco-friendly techniques are on their agenda and are determined to make it a reality very soon!...

The man behind world’s biggest biotech IPO ever!

A successful road taken towards entrepeneurship in itself is a story to be inspired from and when the leader in the picture is a 30 year old Indian biotech entrepreneur, it could afford no miss...

Is CSIR really corrupt? Uncover the truth with Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, Ex CEO, CSIR...

It has been two successful years since Biotecnika magazine has taken stage and after traversing for two years, our ardour to serve the biotech industry has just doubled. With this edition, we celebrate the...


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