The man behind world’s biggest biotech IPO ever!

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A successful road taken towards entrepeneurship in itself is a story to be inspired from and when the leader in the picture is a 30 year old Indian biotech entrepreneur, it could afford no miss even by a blink. In this issue read the story on Vivek Ramaswamy, an American based CEO who fetched world’s largest IPO in biotech from an outcasted drug by GSK.

In this issue, read more on Dr. Geeta Shroff, the brain behind human stem cell line and Mr. Sunil Bhambarkar, President, Gattefosse India


Also read in the issue:

  • Is BT really failing our farmers? Interviewing David Green and Shivendra Bajaj
  • Top 10 pharma firms of 2015
  • Artificial Intelligence- a fairer option to drug discovery?
  • Pharmas! is your supply chain green?

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When the results of Biotech IPO earlier this year were out, he became the head turner in an instant. Betting his efforts on an out casted Alzheimer drug by GSK, this young business tycoon is surely an inspiration to a rally of next-gen entrepreneurs. We bring out his story with much aplomb in this edition. Other stories to grab your interest are Artificial intelligence and if it has the potential to serve as a fairer option to drug discovery, Biosimilars and if India is competent enough in dealing with it, Top 10 pharma firms of 2015 based on their market capital and many more.

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