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It has been two successful years since Biotecnika magazine has taken stage and after traversing for two years, our ardour to serve the biotech industry has just doubled. With this edition, we celebrate the second anniversary of the magazine by highlighting the dedicated support to the industry, initiatives to promote the sector, looking at flaws for the betterment of the sector and much more. With this in mind, Biotecnika once again covers the topic that needs to be looked upon from a common man’s perspective.

In this issue, read more on the man behind Head Transplant, Dr. Sergio Canavero and the CEO of Gen9, Mr Kevin Munnelly.Also read in the issue:

  • 24 issues-24 milestones,
  • Digital India’s impact on healthcare,
  • Is polio staging a comeback?
  • Unfaltering support to GM technology.

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The biotech industry was much appalled when the proclamations by Dr.VA Shiva about the rampant corruption inside the gates of CSIR hit the news-stands. He was in and out of CSIR within 5 months of his hiring, as his report claims of underlying bureaucracy inside the organization, questioning the credibility of CSIR. Listen to Dr Shiva himself as he uncovers the complete story in this issue.

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