Purchase Saliva Cortisol ELISA Kits For Research Use

Purchase Saliva Cortisol ELISA Kits For Research Use

Order Saliva Cortisol ELISA Kits for research use from Top Biomanufacturers at a lower price. Saliva sampling is always a better option compared to testing in other specimens for testing of biologically active part of the hormone compared to testing in other specimens. Saliva Cortisol ELISA Kits are non-invasive and easy to use designed for the detection of analytes – steroids in Saliva in a convenient manner. Purchase Saliva Cortisol ELISA Kits For Research Use that high cost-effective, highly sensitive, easy usage, zero cross-reactivity, and no pre-treatment required.


The Biomanufacturing of Saliva Cortisol ELISA Kits For Research Use is being done by a lot of top-notch manufacturers, each designed specifically for Lab use, research use. Each kit comes with a set of manual and other data sheets helpful for end data anlysis. Some of the manufacturers are listed below:

DRG International, Inc. – Optimized Salivary Cortisol ELISA RUO (SLV-2930R)


  • No change in the assay procedure
  • Monoclonal antibody coated on a microtiter plate
  • Reagent stability increased
  • Assay Dynamic Range (0.09 – 30 ng/mL)
  • Reference values are more detailed with differentiation between morning, noon and evening
  • New range 0.2 – 19.80 ng/ml, compared to 1.2 – 14.7 ng/ml of the old version
  • Very good correlation to LC-MS (r2=0,979) and to competitor´s ELISA (r2=0,989)
    Conversion factor: Result old version x 0,48 = Result new version.

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IBL International with its headquarter in Switzerland provides Cortisol Saliva ELISA kit

Cortisol Saliva ELISA kit is an exceptional alternative to the current LC-MS/MS method that is complex and relatively expensive to determine cortisol in saliva as correctly as possible.

Features of Cortisol Saliva ELISA kit :

  • Calibration to the LC-MS/MS reference method;
    IBL-ELISA = 1.015 x LCMS-0.028, R=0.99
  • As few as 6 standards and two controllers;
  • Easy processing;
  • Clearly defined benchmark values.

Cortisol Saliva ELISA kit By Biovision

Cat # +Size K7434-100
Size 100 assays
Detection Method Absorbance (450 nm)
Species Reactivity human
Applications This ELISA kit is used for quantitative detection of Cortisol
Features & Benefits • Easy, convenient and time-saving method to measure cortisol
• Sensitivity: 1 ng/ml and detection range: 1 ng/ml to 100 ng/ml
• Cross-Reactivity: No significant cross-reactivity or interference between this analyte and its analogs was observed.


Enzo Life Science Cortisol Saliva ELISA kit 

Sensitivity: 56.72 pg/ml (range 156 – 10,000 pg/ml)
Assay Time: 3 hours
Applications: ELISA, Colorimetric detection
Application Notes: For the quantitative determination of Cortisol in culture supernatants, plasma, serum, saliva, and urine from any species. Cited sample type includes feces.
Species Reactivity: Species-independent
Crossreactivity: Cortisol (100%), Prednisolone (122.35%), Corticosterone (27.68%), 11-deoxycortisol (4.0%), Progesterone (3.64%), Prednisone (0.85%), Testosterone (0.12%) and <0.10%: Androstenedione, Cortisone, Estradiol
Shipping: Blue Ice Not Frozen
Long Term Storage: +4°C


Product Manual 

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