CSIR-CFTRI invites application from enthusiastic, young Indian researchers/ technicians having excellent academic record and proven technical skills along with requisite experience and a high degree of motivation and desire to render technical support to researchers as a career in the field of food research and technology, to fill up the vacancy of following posts of Technical Officer (Gr. III) as per the details given below.

The emoluments and age limit for various posts as per norms is summarized as below:-

Post Code Pay Band & Grade Pay(GP) No. of posts & Reservation & Age limit not exceeding Essential Edu. Qualifications Desirable Experience Job specification
S01/16 Rs.15600-39100 (PB-3) & GP:Rs.6600/- Scientist (UR-1) Age limit:32 yrs Ph.D. (submitted) in Chemistry / Polymer Science / Material Science Ph.D. with the experience in the area of packaging / thermal processing of food with relevant publication records. The candidate is expected to work in a team to conduct R & D work on polymeric materials; Main responsibilities include design and safety evaluation of packaging materials / shelf-life / package-product interaction studies.
S02/16 Rs.15600-39100 (PB-3) & GP:Rs.6600/- Scientist (UR-1) Age limit:32 yrs Ph.D. (submitted) in the area of Chemistry/ Material Sciences / Biotechnology. Ph.D. and Post-Doctoral experience in the area of nanotechnology / material sciences / Chemistry with excellent publication and/or patent records. The candidate is expected to strengthen on-going nano-technology programme for designing novel nanoparticles/nano-bioconjugates and evaluate detection promises.
S03/16 Rs.15600-39100 (PB-3) & GP:Rs.6600/- Scientist (OBC-1) Age limit:32 yrs Ph.D. (submitted) in the area of Life Sciences / Biochemistry / Biotechnology / Molecular biology. Ph.D. and Post-Doctoral experience in the area of Life Style Diseases such as diabetes, obesity and cancer biology. To conduct R&D in the biomedical aspects of Life Style Diseases including Diabetes, obesity, cancer biology and Cell Biology aimed towards development of nutraceuticals and food products and technologies.
S04/16 Rs.15600-39100 (PB-3) & GP:Rs.6600/- Scientist (UR-1) Age limit:32 yrs Ph.D (submitted) in Chemistry / Physics. Research experience with NMR spectroscopy as the core area. Experience in the development of high resolution NMR methods and their applications for structural chemistry, polymers/ food science, with proven track record. To be a part of the NMR analyst in food analytical division to carry out R&D activities as a team member. To carry out new NMR research programs pertaining to food safety and quality analysis.
S05/16 Rs.15600-39100 (PB-3) & GP:Rs.6600/- Scientist (ST-1) Age limit:32 yrs Ph.D. (submitted) in the area of Food Sciences and nutrition / Chemistry/ Food Technology. Ph.D. and Post-Doctoral experience in the area of nutrition / food chemistry. Experience in spice processing and nutraceuticals. To establish newer research in the area of spice processing for development of spice derived nutraceuticals and food supplements.
S06/16 Rs.15600-39100 (PB-3) & GP:Rs.6600/- Scientist (UR-1) Age limit:32 yrs Ph.D. (submitted) in the area of Chemistry / Biochemistry / Biotechnology. Experience in the area of transcriptome and metablome with proven record of publications and capability in handling instruments like HRMS for lipidome and proteome analysis. The selected candidate will work in the areas of analysis of primary and secondary metabolites; proteome data analysis; separation and identification of nutraceuticals from food sources.
S07/16 Rs.15600-39100 (PB-3) & GP:Rs.6600/- Scientist (OBC-1) Age limit:32 yrs Ph.D. (submitted) in the area of Biochemistry / Molecular biology / Microbiology. Ph.D. and Post-Doctoral experience in the area of cell biology/ Cancer biology/ molecular biology. To conduct R&D in evaluating the mechanism of natural food bioactive compounds in life style diseases.
S08/16 Rs.15600-39100 (PB-3) & GP:Rs.6600/- Scientist (SC-1) Age limit:32 yrs Ph.D. (submitted) in the area of Botany / toxicology or relevant area. Research experience with Pesticide toxicology / entomology / safety analysis of pesticides in animal models and risk assessments. The selected candidate will work in assessment of extent of infestation in grain storage and evaluating the impact of pesticide residues in food products and safety parameters.
S09/16 Rs.15600-39100 (PB-3) & GP:Rs.7600/- Senior Scientist (UR-1) Age limit:37 yrs Ph.D. in the area of Botany / Plant Pathology / Plant Biotechnology with 2 years Post-Doctoral experience in relevant area. Ph.D and Post-Doctoral experience in relevant area from reputed laboratory; basic knowledge on plant tissue culture and secondary metabolites. Experience in fruits/ leafy vegetables/ plant pathology. To establish newer research in the area of plant biotechnology and develop strong independent research program on pre- and/or post- harvest technologies; ability to generate extra mural funding; expected to involve in teaching activities.
S10/16 Rs.15600-39100 (PB-3) & GP:Rs.7600/- Senior Scientist (UR-1) Age limit:37 yrs Ph.D. in the area of Food Science / Food Technology / Food & Nutrition or related area with 2 years Post-Doctoral experience in relevant area. Ph.D. and Post-Doctoral experience in the area of sensory science / sensory profiling of food ingredients and products and experience in handling instruments used in sensory science, as evidenced by quality publications in related area. To conduct R&D for development of innovative methodologies in sensory science, consumer science, sensory quality of food products, value addition and evaluation of nutritional quality of food products; ability to generate extra mural funding; expected to contribute in academic activities of the institute.
S11/16 Rs.15600-39100 (PB-3) & GP:Rs.7600/- Senior Scientist (UR-1) Age limit:37 yrs M.E/M.Tech. in Chemical Engineering / Process Engineering Science with First Class or equivalent CGPA plus 3 years experience OR Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering with 2 years of experience Experience in process development including scale-up, pilot plants / process design / process modelling, simulation and control / membrane separations / process safety; with proven track record of design, patents and publications. To work effectively with different groups towards knowledge generation by combining basic and applied research activities in mechanical process engineering and scale-up operations.
S12/16 Rs.37400-67000 (PB-4) & GP:Rs.8700/- Principal Scientist (UR-1) Age limit:45 yrs Ph.D. in Chemistry / Bioinformatics / Computational biology with three years of relevant post PhD research experience Documented experience in medicinal chemistry. Proven track record with patents, publications, and experience in small molecule studies. Basic knowledge of macromolecular interaction studies and translating leads to proof of concept. To lead R & D team and to work in interdisciplinary research with various research teams; conducting chemical and biological research using computational and molecular biology tools; leading nutraceutical discovery programmes; ability to generate extra mural funding; expected to contribute in teaching programme of the institute.
S13/16 Rs.37400-67000 (PB-4) & GP:Rs.8700/- Principal Scientist (UR-1) Age limit:45 yrs PhD in Biochemistry / Biotechnology/ Molecular Biology / Immunology with three years of relevant post-doctoral research experience Experience in nutrigenomics / foodomics / cell biology / molecular biology; in depth knowledge in the area of development of nutraceuticals and phytochemicals for Life Style Diseases; experience in clinical nutrition biology; with relevant publications and track records. To lead R & D team and carryout research with various research teams; conducting research on the effects of foods and food molecules on gene expression to develop personized food for diseased and healthy population; capable of generating extra mural funding; training students and contributing in the teaching programme.
TO1/16 Rs.Rs.9300-34800 PB(2) & GP:Rs.4600/- Technical Officer (UR-1) Age limit:30 yrs M.Sc. Food Science / Food Technology / Chemistry with 55% marks after 1st Class in B.Sc. Experience in food technology, product development and evaluation. Development of value added products from plants and agro materials
TO2/16 Rs.Rs.9300-34800 PB(2 & GP:Rs.4600/- Technical Officer (OBC-1) Age limit:30 yrs M.Sc. Botany / M.Sc Plant Biotechnology / M.Sc Molecular biology with 55% marks after 1st Class in B.Sc. Experience in plant Genomics / Plant Molecular biology / Crop Improvement To carry out research in the area of plant biotechnology and assist in development of food crops
TO3/16 Rs.Rs.9300-34800 PB(2) & GP:Rs.4600/- Technical Officer (OBC-1) Age limit:30 yrs B.E. Civil engineering or equivalent with 55% marks Experience in civil construction works. Experience in preparing estimates, tenders, day to day supervision, quality control, billing and handling of contractual matters
STO1/16 Rs.15600-39100 (PB-3) & GP:Rs.5400/- Senior Technical Officer (1) (Medical Officer) (UR-1) Age limit:35 yrs MBBS with 55% marks from recognized university 3 years of experience in reputed multi-speciality hospital or Govt. organization To render medical service to the staff members and their family including retirees. Planning and managing of health centre
STO2/16 Rs.15600-39100 (PB-3) & GP:Rs.5400/- Senior Technical Officer (1) (SC-1) Age limit:35 yrs BE / B.Tech computer science / Information Technology or equivalent with 55% marks and 2 years of experience or MCA / MSC Computer Science with 5 years experience. Experience in networking technologies; development of web based applications; sound knowledge of programming languages C#, PHP, MYSQL, ASP.NET and core Java To work on development of web based applications, office automation system, and maintenance of S&T database and to take care of network related works.
STO3/16 Rs.15600-39100 (PB-3) & GP:Rs.6600/- Senior Technical Officer (2) (UR-1) Age limit:40 yrs M.Sc. Chemistry / M. Sc. Instrumentation Science / M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry / with 55% marks after 1st Class B.Sc. with 5 years of experience in relevant area Experience in operation and maintenance of analytical instruments Operation, calibration, servicing of sophisticated analytical instruments.
STO4/16 Rs.15600-39100 (PB-3) & GP:Rs.6600/- Senior Technical Officer (2) (UR-1) Age limit:40 yrs M.Sc. Biochemistry / M.Sc. Molecular biology / M.Sc. Genetics with 55% marks after 1st Class B.Sc. with 5 years of experience in cell culture Experience in Mammalian cell culture / cell-based assays, / toxicology evaluation / Imaging techniques To carry out primary culture, maintaining cell lines, evaluation of food toxicity,

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UR: Unreserved; SC: Scheduled Caste; ST: Scheduled Tribe; OBC: Other Backward Class; PH: Physically Handicapped.
Apart from qualifications indicated above, any other recognized qualification, which is equivalent to the prescribed qualification, shall be treated at par with that qualification.
General information and conditions:-
1. Benefits under Council service:
  1. These posts carry usual allowances i.e. Dearness Allowance (DA), House Rent Allowance (HRA), Transport Allowance (TA) etc. as admissible to the central government employees and as made applicable to CSIR. Council employees are also eligible for accommodation of their entitled type as per CSIR allotment rules depending on availability in which case HRA will not be admissible. Pay of Medical Officer carries Non-Practice Allowance (NPA).
  2. Scientists in Pay Band-3 and Pay Band-4 are eligible for 2 additional increments (without DA) and Professional update allowance of Rs.10000/- and Rs. 20,000/- per annum respectively.
  3. In addition to the emoluments indicated against each category of posts, benefits such as applicability of New Pension Scheme 2004, reimbursements of Medical Expenses, Leave Travel Concession, Conveyance advance and House Building Advance are available as per CSIR rules.
  4. Scientists / Technical Officers in CSIR are also permitted to undertake consultancy and sponsored R&D project activity. These activities give them scope to earn consultancy fee and honorarium as per CSIR guidelines governing these activities.
  5. Scientists in CSIR have opportunities for foreign deputations for training/presentation of papers/specific assignments etc.
  6. CSIR provides excellent opportunities to deserving candidates for career advancement under Assessment Promotion scheme for Scientists /Technical Officers.
  7. Deserving candidates for Scientists post may be considered for advance increment as per CSIR Rules.
  8. CSIR-CFTRI has an adequate infrastructure not only to develop the professional career of the individual but also has facilities such as Staff club, swimming pool and avenues for promotion of extracurricular activities. A reputed school recognized by the State Government is also functioning to provide for the educational needs of the children of staff members up to matriculation level right from lower kindergarten. The Health Centre looks after minor and urgent medical needs of the staff and their dependent family members.
2. Other conditions:
  1. The applicant must be a citizen of India.
  2. All applicants must fulfill the essential requirements of the post and other conditions stipulated in the advertisement as on the last date of receipt of the applications. They are advised to satisfy themselves before applying that they possess at least the essential qualifications laid down for various posts as on the last date of receipt of the applications. No enquiry asking for advice as to eligibility will be entertained. 

    The prescribed essential qualifications are the minimum and the mere possession of the same does not entitle candidates to be called for interview. The duly constituted Screening Committee will adopt its own criteria for short-listing the candidates. The candidate should therefore, mention in the application all the qualifications and experiences in the relevant area over and above the minimum prescribed qualification, supported with documents. Completion of Ph.D. degree will be reckoned from the date of issue of provisional certificate/notification.

  3. The application should be accompanied by self attested copies of the relevant educational qualification, experience. The prescribed qualifications should have been obtained through recognized Universities / Institutions etc. Incomplete applications/applications received or not accompanied with the required certificates / documents are liable to be rejected.
  4. In respect of equivalent clause in Essential Qualifications, if a candidate is claiming a particular qualification as equivalent qualification as per the requirement of advertisement, then the candidate is required to produce order/letter in this regard, indicating the Authority (with number and date) under which it has been so treated otherwise the Application is liable to be rejected.
  5. The period of experience rendered by a candidate on part time basis, daily wages, visiting/ guest faculty will not be counted while calculating the valid experience for short listing the candidates for interview.
  6. If any document/ certificate furnished is in a language other than Hindi or English, a transcript of the same duly attested by a Gazetted officer or notary is to be submitted.
  7. The date for determining the upper age limit, qualifications and /or experience shall be the closing date prescribed for receipt of applications.
  8. The period of experience in a discipline / area of work, wherever prescribed,shall be counted after the date of acquiring the minimum prescribed educational qualifications prescribed for that Grade.
  9. Persons with disabilities (PWD) fulfilling the eligibility conditions prescribed under GOI instructions are encouraged to apply.
  10. In case a candidate is staying abroad, his/her candidature may be considered in absentia by the Selection Committee on his/her written request.
  11. The Selection Committee may choose to place the candidate in any of the Grade Pay within the Pay Band depending upon the performance of the candidate and subject to meeting the minimum eligibility criterion specified.
  12. Only outstation candidates called and found eligible for interview will be paid to and fro single second class rail fare from the actual place of undertaking the journey or from the normal place of their residence whichever is nearer to Mysore Railway Station on production of Rail Tickets / Rail Ticket Numbers or any other proof of journey.
  13. Any discrepancy found between the information given in application and as evident in original documents will make the candidate ineligible for appearing in interview. Such candidate will not be paid any fare.
  14. The selected candidates may be posted either at CFTRI Headquarter at Mysore or at any of its Resource / Research Centers in India. The appointees are also liable to be posted in any of the Laboratories / Institutes of CSIR situated anywhere in India as and when required.
  15. The decision of the CSIR-CFTRI in all matters relating to eligibility, acceptance or rejection of applications, mode of selection, and conduct of examination/interview will be final and binding on the candidates.
  16. Canvassing in any form and / or bringing any influence political or otherwise will be treated as a disqualification for the post.
3. Relaxations:
  1. The upper age limit is relaxable upto 05 years for SC/ST and 03 years for OBC as per Government orders in force only in those cases where the post are reserved for respective categories, on production of relevant certificate in the prescribed format signed by the specified authority at the time of interview.
  2. Upper age limit is also relaxable upto five years for the regular employees working in CSIR laboratories / institutes, Government Departments, autonomous bodies and public sector undertakings.
  3. As per GOI provisions, age relaxation for Widows, Divorced Women and Women Judicially separated from Husbands, the upper age limit is relaxable up to the age of 35 years (upto 40 years for members of Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes and upto 38 years for members belonging to the Other Backward Classes in respect of the posts reserved for them) for Widows, divorced Women and Women Judicially separated from their Husbands who are not remarried. The persons claiming age relaxation under this sub-para would be required to produce following documentary evidence:
    1. In case of Widow, Death Certificate of her husband together with the Affidavit that she has not remarried since.
    2. In case of divorced Women and Women judicially separated from their husbands, a certified copy of the judgment/decree of the appropriate Court to prove the fact of divorce or the judicial separation, as the case may be, with an Affidavit in respect of divorced Women and they have not remarried since.
  4. Age relaxation to Physically Handicapped (PH) persons: Age relaxation of 5 years is allowed (total 10 years for SCs/STs and 8 years for OBCs in respect of the posts reserved for them) to blind, deaf-mute and orthopedically handicapped persons for appointment to Group ‘A’ posts/services. The persons claiming age relaxation under this sub-para would be required to produce a certificate in prescribed proforma in support of their claims clearly indicating that the degree of physical disability is 40% or more. In any case, the appointment of these candidates will be subject to their being found medically fit in accordance with the standards of medical fitness as prescribed by the Government for each individual Group ‘A’ posts to be filled by Direct Recruitment by Selection.
  5. Relaxation in age, over and above the stipulated limit, educational qualification and / or experience may be considered in case of exceptionally meritorious candidates or if sufficient numbers of candidates possessing the requisite qualification and/ or experience are not available to fill up the posts.
  6. Relaxation of five years will also be permissible to those who had ordinarily been domiciled in the Kashmir division of the state of Jammu and Kashmir during the period from 1-1-1980 to 31-12-1989 subject to production of relevant certificate from concerned authority.
4. How to apply:
  1. Eligible candidates are required to apply ONLINE through our website http://www.cftri.com followed by submission of Hard copy of the same with all necessary enclosures by post as per point (h) below.
  2. If the candidate does not have a valid email id, he/she should create a new valid email id before applying online.
  3. Online Application will be available on our website from 17-02-2016 up to 31-03-2016.
  4. Candidates are required to arrange for a crossed Demand Draft for Rs.100/ drawn on any nationalized bank and valid for at least 3 months in favour of "Director, CSIR-CFTRI" payable at Mysore. The last date for submitting online application and making of Demand Draft is 31-03-2016. This date will be the same for the candidates belonging to far-flung areas. The following details must be filled up on back side of Demand Draft (i) Candidate's Name, (ii) Candidate's Category, (iii) Post Code Applied For. The candidates belonging to SC/ST/PH/Women/CSIR Employees/Abroad Candidates category are exempted from submission of application fee.
  5. In case of universities/institute awarding CGPA/SGPA/OGPA grades etc., candidates are requested to convert the same into percentage based on the formula as per their university/institute.
  6. Successful online application is indicated by the page displayed after clicking Submit Button indicating the generated "APPLICATION NUMBER". Please note down the same carefully and preserve it. If you do not preserve it, you will not be able to Re-print the Application.
  7. In case candidate wants to withdraw the application there is a ‘CANCEL’ option to cancel the online application. Please note that application once cancelled will not be retrieved at any stage. If you have cancelled the application, please reapply before the closure of Application Date as per advertisement. Please remember to take fresh print out after modifying any details.
  8. This computer generated application (Print-out) duly accompanied by attested copies of the certificates, mark sheets, testimonials in support of age, education qualifications, experience, re-prints of publications and caste certificate, if applicable along with one recent passport size self-signed photograph affixed together with Demand Draft (if applicable) should be sent in an envelope superscribed "APPLICATION FOR THE POST OF ____________ (Post Code ________)" by post to the address:- Recruitment cell, CSIR- Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore, 570020, Karnataka on or before 31-03-2016. Candidates applying for more than one post must submit separate application form for each post indicating the Code No. of the post. The hard copy(s) of each application must be accompanied by separate Demand Draft(s).
  9. Application once made will not be allowed to be withdrawn and fees once paid will not be refunded on any count nor can it be held in reserve for any other recruitment or selection process.
  10. Applications from employees of Government Departments will be considered only if forwarded through proper channel, certified by the employer that the applicant, if selected will be relieved within one month of the receipt of the appointment orders. Also, vigilance clearance should also be recorded. However, advance copy of the application may be submitted before the closing date. Applications routed through proper channel should reach CSIR-CFTRI at the earliest.
  11. Candidates should specifically note that the applications received after the closing date for any reason whatsoever (such as envelopes wrongly addressed, delivered elsewhere, postal delay etc.) will not be entertained by CSIR-CFTRI.
  12. Incomplete applications (i.e. without photograph, unsigned and application fee, applicable testimonials etc.) will not be entertained and will be summarily rejected.
5. Following documents must be attached along with application form sent by post:
  1. Demand Draft of Rs100/- as application fee in favour of "Director, CSIR-CFTRI" payable at Mysore, where applicable.
  2. Coloured photograph pasted on the form and signed across in full.
  3. Self-Attested photocopy of Date of Birth Certificate.
  4. Self-Attested photocopies of education qualifications certificates.
  5. Self-Attested photocopy of caste certificate, if applicable.
  6. Self-Attested photocopies of experience certificates, if any.
  7. List of publication, if any

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