Indians Can Now Better Understand Medicine With Medwiki

Medwiki, an online resource for videos associated with medicine has been introduced recently to facilitate easy understanding of medicines for Indians. Medwiki, launched to help Indians, is one of the world’s largest online libraries for videos on medicines with over 100,000 medicine videos.

Medwiki-online resource for medicine videos is a search engine-based library that allows people to find relevant videos about the prescribed drug. Medwiki’s loyal professional pharmacists create these videos in layman language to reply to the most frequently asked questions regarding medicines. Medwiki’s videos have crossed 10 million viewership on their YouTube channel.

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Medwiki’s CEO and Founder, Amit Choudary stated that the internet is swamped with information on diverse topics, like heart disease, diabetes, Covid-19 testing, weight loss, and so on. Nonetheless, it is quite surprising that people often forget to understand the most fundamental real-world questions- Medicine, its mechanism, and the amount & frequency of consumption. Around 95% of people in India are clueless about the medicines they take, causing poor adherence and compliance to it. Because of this nescience, people wind up using the wrong medicinal substitutes, eventually leading to the deterioration of their health. Medwiki is a one-stop solution for all crucial doubts and questions raised by the patients. This platform enlightens the patients by giving proper information about their medicines. They have launched Medwiki in both Hindi and English and soon intend to create videos in six to eight vernacular languages for people to access.

Based on Choudhary’s statement, aspects like social media platforms, increased data penetration, smartphones, and growth on the internet throughout India can be exploited to make high-quality technological tools to facilitate better customer service in the healthcare sector. This will consequently induce improved medicine consumption and healthcare management among the Indians. Medwiki is simply at the starting stage. They have many resources that address the complexities of the Indian health care system. The more awareness, the more access to better care and enhanced health outcomes.


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