India Launches Integrated Biorefineries
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India Launches Integrated Biorefineries Mission For Clean Energy

As one of the mitigation measures, India today called on the global clean energy community to provide access to sustainable fuels, chemicals, and materials to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and attain global climate goals.

Dr. Jitendra Singh, Union Minister for Science and Technology, while addressing the UN COP26 for the Mission Innovation Initiative, drew attention to the works made by India, the Netherlands, and the Mission Innovation Members, in moving the Mission Innovation 2.0 ahead through the recently formed Mission “Integrated Biorefineries,” which was inaugurated during the event.

According to him, India is actively involved in collaborative endeavors to catalyze encouraging innovation objectives that will lead to economical and scale-up of clean energy solutions through “Mission Innovation.” He urged the global clean energy association to take every step to assure international participation in this mission in order to meet the mission’s universal target on time.

India Launches Integrated Biorefineries
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He further stated that with establishing “Mission Integrated Biorefineries,” India and the Netherlands hope to leverage their broad experience in research and innovation, support for the start-up ecosystem, and international partnerships. According to him, the mission brings together a progressive and delivery-focused coalition of

countries, the private sectors, research institutes, and civil society to expedite innovation in low-carbon renewable fuels, chemicals, and materials.

Dr. Jitendra Singh, speaking to Ministers, CEOs, and senior representatives from the public and private sectors, stated that greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation and chemical industries account for roughly 1/3 of global emissions and are expected to rise. He said that India has been expanding Research and Development in sustainable biofuels, including sustainable aviation fuels, through the DBT.

He further stated that developing and demonstrating biorefinery technologies for sustainable fuels, chemicals, and materials can further expedite the expansion of bio-based solutions and should be at the leading edge of the efforts to build a low-carbon future that is both sustainable for the community’s well-being and ecologically sound.


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