CSIR-NET 2021 Postponed

CSIR-NET 2021 Postponed – CSIR-NET 2021 Latest News

As per the official Twitter handle of CSIR-HRDG, the CSIR-NET Exam has been postponed owing to the uncertainties posed by the pandemic. CSIR-NET 2021 Exam has been postponed till the middle of July 2021. This page will be updated as and when new notifications and clarifications will be released by CSIR. Keep up with Biotecnika to be notified of the same.

Check CSIR Official Tweet Below:

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This means You get 1-2 Extra Months for Preparation. However this can also be frustrating for you, we know it, we understand your situation completely and that’s why we have a few tips for you today:

Remember that:

  • 👉 You are the Master of your fate & the Captain of your Soul
  • 👉 If you want to succeed in life, you have to have a definite goal, and you will have to place all your energy, all your willpower, and all your efforts into achieving that Goal.
  • 👉 All Bad Course Books are a conspiracy to put you off-track on the process of Learning. Never Ever fall into this trap. Learn Interesting things from Interesting & Knowledgeable people!!

Exam Postponement cannot define your career, you define your Career
All you need to do is “Take action.” We know Coronavirus 2nd wave is here and now that CSIR NET Exam is getting postponed, and you might be wondering how to utilize this time.

We will suggest you not let go of this time; you have to become the master of your fate and take action. Spend this time in learning, Join our CSIR NET Coaching or Certification coursesattend webinars, watch educational videosLearn Interesting things from Interesting & Knowledgeable people. Whatever you do, Remember You have to achieve a definite goal in life and to achieve that, constant effort in the right direction is the key.

You can continue with your preparation for the CSIR-NET exam and take Biotecnika’s help along the way. Check out some helpful articles to prepare better and score well:

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  1. Can a pharmacy student give this exam? Other than life sciences are there any other subject(public health,community medicine, etc.)
    With which we can give this exam??

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