CSIR NET Syllabus Mistakes – Top 10 List

CSIR NET Exam – Also popularly known as Mother of all Entrance exams due to its vast syllabus, difficulty level, and cutthroat competition – This exam offers great advantages if you succeed, though qualifying it is a tough nut to crack. But what if I tell you that with proper planning, the right strategy, and a set of Do’s and Don’ts, you can qualify for this exam with the highest possible score. Yes, you heard it right. We can tame this exam and Succeed if we know these Success Parameters.

Hello, Everyone, This is Shekhar Suman – CEO & Managing director of Biotecnika & Rasayanika, and today we are going to discuss the 10 Mistakes Students make while managing CSIR NET Syllabus. Let’s Get Started

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Point Number 1: Trying to Cover Entire Syllabus

Now, this is the biggest mistake any and almost every student makes. Since you are trained for the past several years to write a University exam, you may feel a Good Strategy will be to cover the entire syllabus. But this is where you make the mistake.

The Syllabus of CSIR NET is equal to pursuing 3 – 4 Msc Exam Syllabus. It’s like doing an MSc in Botany, Zoology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetics, and many more together. Now you understand what I am talking about. Never ever try to cover everything. You cannot be a jack of all trades, Just focus on the top 7 Units and try to master them first. Then slowly inch towards Basic knowledge of another 2 Units. Now you will ask me which are those 7 units you should focus on, so check out the link given in the description to know the entire Unit Wise weightage + Standard Books for the same.

Point Number 2: Not having a hard copy of the syllabus

Tracking the syllabus is an integral part of any exam preparation. And when CSIR has a vast syllabus, preparation progress should be monitored on a daily basis. So take a printout of the Syllabus on a Bond paper so that it lasts with you till the end of your preparation and scribble or highlight on it whenever you finish a topic, subtopics, etc

Point Number 3: Not planning your Days & Months

Now, this is again a common problem among aspirants. You end up studying for this exam just like any other exam. But it’s like trying to drive a plane instead of trying to fly a plane. The Result is your preparation never takes off. You end up still studying the 4th unit while the exam is just 2 weeks away,

So here is what you can do: You need to decide which units you will study in which Months and then divide your days to cover the Subtopics of that particular unit. To make this easier, we are giving you a FREE download of CSIR NET Life Sciences Study Planner, just check the link given in the description.

Point Number 4: Perfectionism Kills Preparation

This is a bigger problem than the previous 2 pointers which I gave you. The issue here is in the mind and not in your plan or Strategy. You start feeling your previous unit coverage is not perfect and you feel this urge to study it again in order to perfectly remember it or learn it. This urge kills you and you never proceed ahead and instead keep reading the previous unit again and again.

Now, remember you already have a plan and you have to stick to it. Anyways you will revise and it will get perfect when you start revising. So stick to the plan and don’t focus on perfectionism.

Point Number 5: Focus more on memorizing from readymade notes

Here comes a perennial question which I often get from most of the students – they ask us during almost every webinar Sir “is XYZ or ABC academy Notes are good?” Now the problem is yes as well as No, They may be good for revision but no book can replace a Standard book, yes we can complement or Supplement a Standard book but it’s very difficult to replace a Standard book, and that’s the reason we call them the Standard books. So Stop learning for the first time from such readymade notes,

Now the question can be asked – Sir even Biotecnika provides Study material for CSIR NET, do you mean to say they are not good?

Let me answer that question for you – the Books which we provide are a Summary of all the standard Books, they are not a replacement for standard books. They are very good for Studying for the 1st time but you must first always study from Standard Books however if you find the language difficult then you can study the same thing from the Study material we provide.

Point Number 6: Solving the last 10 years Question paper without knowing why you need to solve

Now if you focus more on the pattern of Questions that come and not on the concept you will be at a complete loss. First, you need to Prioritize Conceptual Knowledge, second, you need to analyze the Question pattern and find the fine prints, third you need to practice Decision making – which questions you will solve and which ones to skip. Additionally, Solving Question papers should be your daily habit and not a once in a blue moon ritual.

Point Number 7: Don’t have a proper revision plan

Revision is simply a process of Transferring concepts from your Temporary memory to Permanent memory and you can fail at it terribly if you do not use the Spaced Repetition Method. I have made a special video talking about spaced repetition, Kindly check the video description for the link to learn more about this technique.

Point Number 8: Not Inter-relating Topics while Studying

Now, during the exam preparation, You study every unit as a separate entity as if they are not interrelated but the truth is All the Units are in some or the other way interrelated to each other. So when you don’t know how to correlate and study, you fail to answer questions that are applicatory in nature and involve the application of concepts from more than 1 unit. So whenever you study, remember to study the inter-related units together or one after the other – You can check out our Kickstarter Webinar to know more about the list of Inter-related units. Quite a lot of questions in CSIR are combined unit questions. It’s extremely important to be able to relate a particular concept to all units it is related to.

Point Number 9: Doing a selective study from a particular unit

Since in CSIR exam, one cannot predict the subtopics of questions from a unit, hence preparing for few topics, and leaving the others, might end in not being able to answer any questions from that prepared unit if the questions come from the left out portions. So choose your units carefully and then make sure you study them completely and never do selective study within the units. That’s lethal.

Point Number 10: Wasting too much time in making notes for topics

Notes should be brief, to the point, and easy to revise later. There is no point in wasting an entire day to make notes for a particular subtopic, as it will become impossible to cover a substantial portion of the syllabus. One general rule I follow while making notes is to Remember that I am making notes and not rewriting the entire book, So Use arrows, draw flowcharts, and use color pencils extensively.

Now since you have read the article till the end, let me give you one very important Bonus Point

Bonus Point Number 11: Wrong selection of units

In order to clear CSIR, preparation of 8-9 units is good enough, but one should select the units to be prepared carefully, preferably the ones which they are comfortable with, and which they find interesting. Here is a formula which we suggest our students follow at BiotecNika – First shortlist the List of Important units, second shortlist of the list of important Units which you find interesting, 3rd find out the list of Not so interesting but important units.

This way you have categorized the entire syllabus into 3 Parts: Interesting Plus Important Units, let’s call it I + I units Not Interesting but Important Units, let’s call it as NI Units, Rest of the Syllabus

Now all you need to do is Study the I + I Units first and then cover NI Units and leave the rest.

Alright so these were the CSIR NET Syllabus Mistakes – Top 10 Mistakes Students make while managing the CSIR NET Syllabus, Now that you know the pitfalls, Go Straight and take a print of the Syllabus, Highlight the Important Units, Select the I + I units, and get started.

Download CSIR NET Unit wise Preparation Series + Full Syllabus Details: https://jnuinterestforma.wufoo.com/forms/q18oet1n1a058gy/

But before you go, share your inputs in the comments section below, It will help other future aspirants as well to sharpen their preparation Strategy.

Shekhar Suman is the CEO & Managing Director of BioTecNika Info Labs Pvt Ltd, An avid reader who is passionate about Bio Sciences and has gifted us BioTecNika


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