CSIR NET Exam Obstacles – Top 10 Problems That Will Delay Your Success

Obstacles are temporary, Failures are temporary, and Success is never a myth unless you learn how to win over obstacles and temporary failures.

So today, we will discuss the Top 10 Obstacles That Will Delay Your Success in the CSIR NET exam and how to solve them.

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It’s very important to know your enemies, obstacles, and temporary pitfalls that can cause a lot of mental agony and pain while preparing for this exam. So today, we will discuss all of them, one by one. Starting with

CSIR NET Exam Obstacle Number 1: Thinking Short Term

Many CSIR NET Aspirants think about short-term gains while studying and forget to focus on long-term retention of concepts. For example, if you simply do rattafication or mugging of concepts, then you may remember it for the next few days or weeks, but if you study logically, then you can recall concepts quickly even after 6 months of studying. So that solution here is to use Study aids like Flowcharts, Concept Wheels, Concept tables, Flashcards, etc, and remember logically not by rattafication.

CSIR NET Exam Obstacle Number 2: Jumping into Exam preparation without proper Research

CSIR NET exam is a competition and not an exam. The last time I checked, people missed their cutoff marks just because only 1 question was marked wrong. That’s how dangerous it can get. So you must do proper research on the Syllabus, Important topics, Study material, Study tools, test series, and all such things before you jump into the exam preparation.

CSIR NET Exam Obstacle Number 3: Bad Health

Now, just imagine if you fall sick because your immunity was low, you will miss 2-3 weeks of exam preparation time. So bad health is one of the biggest obstacles you have. So just spare 60 minutes of your daily time exercising, and you will save weeks of preparation time. Additionally, during exams also your stamina improves, and your mental alertness, focus improves if you do daily exercise and meditation.

CSIR NET Exam Obstacle Number 4: Family Friction

Many students come to me complaining that they could not focus last time on preparation due to Family Friction; now, this can be a major distraction to your exam preparation. You must never get distracted Simply because someone within your family or a relative said something or taunted you.

Let me give you an example: Suppose you are studying and a mosquito keeps coming and keeps humming in your ears. What will you do? You will go and switch on a Mosquito repellant. Similarly, whenever you come across such an environment, change your environment or create a condition that repels such people. Simply diluting your exam preparation mission due to such small distractions is a strict No-No. If you keep feeding your brain with such frictions, you can never grow conceptual knowledge in your Mind’s Soil. Don’t be reactionary, be a Visionary.

CSIR NET Exam Obstacle Number 5: Isolating Yourself

Many students isolate themselves while studying, which is a good thing. But then they form a cocoon and live in it. They stop interacting with fellow aspirants thinking they will get distracted. But Remember, your Mind is like a battery of a UPS Inverter. When it is connected with like-minded people in a series, its capacity grows, just like when you connect more than 1 battery to an Inverter, the Power Backup capacity of the inverter increases.

So you must have 2-3 friends who are also preparing for CSIR NET around you. If you don’t have one, then consider joining an Online Coaching or Classroom coaching; make friends there and connect with them each time you finish a chapter. Discuss with them and learn from them.

CSIR NET Exam Obstacle Number 6: Lack of Clear Focus

Now, At this juncture, you need Mental clarity & Clear Focus. Many students simply jump into the exam preparation without thinking of the outcome or without clear vision. If you cannot think clearly, then you can never take the right steps towards your exam preparation. So Analyse your capacity, Visualise the rewards in this exam and then jump in. be very clear with your career goals, and then only you will be able to maintain a clear focus throughout the 6 months of exam preparation.

CSIR NET Exam Obstacle Number 7: Not managing Time properly

Now, this happens to many students who are still studying or are in a Job. That is where you find it difficult to manage time. So here is my Mantra for you – Divide and break your day into Bitesize time slots, Small time chunks that can be used to Revise. If you are in a job or a student, you must still study at least 2-3 hrs per day and squeeze out the time between the day to revise. You will have to let go of today’s luxuries and sacrifice a little bit of fun then only can get the best of both the world’s – Working in a Job and preparing for the CSIR NET exam.

Now let me ask you a question – If Elon musk can run 3 companies in a day, Why can’t you handle 3 hrs per day of studying? It’s all about time management Boss, Go figure it out, You need to master it first before becoming a Ph.D. in Life Sciences.

CSIR NET Exam Obstacle Number 8: Not Planning Properly

Now, this is an extension of my previous point, you cannot manage time well unless you plan well. But remember, you don’t need a perfect plan, and you don’t need to follow your plan 100% of the time, but you must have a plan and try to stick to it 80 to 90 percent of the time.

CSIR NET Exam Obstacle Number 9: Perfectionism

Now if I say Perfectionism is a mental disease then it won’t be an understatement. Striving to be perfect is not perfectionism but working on the same thing again and again and thinking it’s not perfect is the 1st symptom of this disease. Often students fall into the perfectionism trap and find it difficult to proceed to the next chapter because they feel they did not study the previous chapter well. Now this destroys your speed and pace of preparation and also tosses your study plan out of the window. So be careful. Do not fall into the trap of perfectionism; even if you are able to recall 80% of what you studied then that means it’s good enough, and rest can always be recovered while revising. It’s very important to stick to your study plan and not fall for perfectionism.

CSIR NET Exam Obstacle Number 10: Not innovating & Upgrading your Learning Methodology

99% of students study the same old way when it comes to this exam. They just take a book, make notes and try to capture every possible data and accumulate it into their brain. But here is the fact you are overlooking – The CSIR NET Syllabus is like 13 Msc Courses condensed or fused into 1 single pdf. And that means you need to devise a better strategy, better formula and you must upgrade your learning methodology.

Just Think logically about whatever I said, You need a better grasp of concepts, you need better retention and faster recalling power. And all that can happen if you follow this simple

3 Step formula:

Number 1 – Hire a mentor or join a Coaching Company such as Biotecnika,
Number 2 – Use Pictorial memory to study, don’t just buy books, make books your own by studying using Pictorial notes, flowcharts, and concept tools.
Number 3 – Use the Cornell method to make notes and Spaced Repetition to revise.

So these were Top 10 CSIR NET Exam Obstacles that will come your way whenever you start studying for the CSIR NET exam, these are your enemies, and now that you know your enemies and how to kill them, Go get started and study well. Remember a Smart student uses technology to his or her advantage, utilizes every minute, and has the caliber to defeat even a machine when it comes to learning. You have all the capacities and caliber. All you need to become is an Action taker. That’s it. Success will come your way!

Shekhar Suman is the CEO & Managing Director of BioTecNika Info Labs Pvt Ltd, An avid reader who is passionate about Bio Sciences and has gifted us BioTecNika


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