Order Online Cell Culture Reagents of Best Quality

Order Online Cell Culture Reagents of Best Quality

 In order to obtain a viable Cell culture, the quality of the reagents & media used highly matters. The media and reagents used during cell culture related experiments have to be completely pure, consistent and free of all contaminants. Cell culture reagents comprise of sterile highly quality reagents, cell culture media, buffers, growth factors, and other supplements. In specific, stem cell culture related experiments require more care and agility in the process of selection of required reagents & media. Gone are the days when you need to search for good reagent vendors at a low price. Biotecnika brings you a complete range of high-quality cell culture reagents from top-notch biomanufacturers at very reasonable & affordable prices which you can purchase online just in few clicks.


The following list of cell culture reagents are available at the lowest price in the market:

  • Buffers & Chemicals
  • Biological Detergents
  • Antibiotic solutions
  • Balanced Salts solutions
  • Growth Factors
  • Cell dissociation reagents
  • Attachment and Matrix Factors
  • Extracellular Matrices
  • Vitamins
  • Carrier Proteins
  • Cell Lysis Solutions
  • Indicators – Stains & Dyes
  • Cryopreservation Media
  • Cytogenetics Reagents
  • Cell Isolation kits
  • Cell Isolation reagents
  • Serum
  • Enzymes
  • Transfection reagents
  • Cell Culture Media
  • Extracellular matrix proteins
  • Cell Freezing Media
  • Miscellaneous Reagents

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