Buy PCR Thermal Cyclers at Affordable Price Online


Buy PCR Thermal Cyclers at Affordable Price Online

Thermal Cyclers are used for amplification of DNA & RNA targets by PCR. The amplification process is carried out by the sequential process of denaturation and reannealing of samples with the reagents needed in alternate lower & higher temperatures. The end product which will be an amplified DNA/ RNA has applications in gene cloning, sequencing etc.


Ideal features to look out for while buying a PCR Thermal:

  • No of sample & volume that can be analyzed
  • Application for which needed
  •  interchangeable blocks present or not
  • optimizing PCR conditions
  • upgrading possibilities

PCR Thermal Cyclers from Applied Biosystems

Thermo Fisher’s PCR Thermal Cyclers are known for its high quality, reliability, accuracy and is very easy to use.

The following Thermal Cyclers are provided based on the requirement & usage :

  • Most flexible and highest throughput – ProFlex PCR System
  • Elegant design, smart choice – SimpliAmp Thermal Cycler
  • For robust thermal cycling and diagnostic applications – Veriti Thermal Cycler
  • Routine PCR, elevated – MiniAmp Thermal Cyclers
  • Designed for easy robotic integration – Automated Thermal Cycler (ATC)

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Eppendorf Thermal Cycler – Mastercycler® X50

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Eppendorf’s latest offering is the new touchscreen Mastercycler X50. Its an exclusive Buy PCR Thermal Cyclers at Affordable Price Onlineamalgamation of speed, flexibility and PCR optimization best for research PCR applications & routine PCR applications.


  • Heating rate: up to 10 °C/s
  • Wide selection of blocks from a fast silver block to 384 well block
  • Touch screen interface
  • Innovative 2D-Gradient for advanced PCR optimization
  • X50 with Touchscreen can control up to 9 other units (connected cyclers do not have a touchscreen interface)
  • flexlid® concept: automatic height adjustment of the lid allows you to use all types of consumables
  • Small footprint
  • 2-year warranty


  • Fast PCR
  • PCR optimization
  • Standard PCR
  • Incubation
  • Cycle sequencing

Biorad Thermal Cyclers

Below are the range of Thermal Cyclers provided by Biorad at affordable prices :

C1000 Touch™ Thermal Cycler
C1000 Touch™ Thermal Cycler

The best performance with the most flexibility. For demanding applications and multiple users.
S1000 Thermal Cycler
S1000™ Thermal Cycler

High performance with a keypad interface. Can also be run while connected to a C1000 Touch Thermal Cycler.
T100 Thermal Cycler
T100™ Thermal Cycler

Robust and economical for routine PCR.


Common Features :

  • Peltier effect technology for precise temperature control
  • thermal gradient to easily optimize PCR assays in a single run

Biorad Thermal Cycler Common Components :

  • T100™, a great choice for routine PCR
  • flexible 1000-series, which offers multiple block formats for increased throughput capabilities
  • dual 48/48-well unit that allows two independent experiments to run simultaneously

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