Indegene invites applications for the post of Senior Patient Care Advisor

At Indegene, we look to change healthcare for the better. Being an Indegene employee is not just doing a job, but it is about real contribution and outcomes. We are a global team of over 1,200 employees across 14 global locations. Our singular focus is to deliver real outcomes that are measurable, impactful, and sustainable. This has made us a recognized global leader and partner to some of the largest and most respected healthcare organizations.

Job Title: Senior Patient Care Advisor

Job Summary:

Senior Patient Care Advisor counsels patients for improved health-related outcomes by meeting patients on a regular basis. He or she also manages the compliance and adherence of patients enrolled. The role of a Senior Patient Care Advisor also involves handling patient queries, as well as collating health records‒related data from consenting patients.

Job Description:

The roles and responsibilities of the Senior Patient Care Advisor include the following:

  • Maintaining confidentiality of patients and organizational sensitive information
  • Capturing details related to adverse drug reactions reported by patients in pre-defined templates
  • Providing patient support by coordinating with pharmacists, stockists, and carrying and forwarding agents
  • Receiving regular feedback from team managers and undergoing program-related training and on-the-job training on a regular basis
  • Adhering to compliance procedures and internal/operational risk controls in accordance with any and all applicable regulatory standards, requirements, and policies

Qualifications: BPharm/BSc (Microbiology, Biotechnology, Dietetics, or Nutrition)

Experience: 0-2 years of relevant experience

Other Skills: 

  • Fluency in English, Hindi, and any one regional language (Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Assamese, or Rajasthani)
  • Adequate knowledge of MS Office
  • Empathy and willingness to listen and relate

How To Apply:

Interested candidates fulfilling the eligibility criterias cited above can apply online via the link below.

Apply Online


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