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CSIR NET Exam - Latest Announcements & News

CSIR NET Exam is one of the leading Research exams for Post Graduates to enter the coveted Ph.D. course. On this page you find everything about CSIR NET exam, right from Latest news to csir net admit cards, Csir net results announcements, csir net registration list, CSIR NET syllabus, csir net topper interviews. That means A to Z of CSIR NET exams. Dive into knowing more.

Facts About CSIR NET Exam:

  • It is conducted twice a year in the month of June and December 2017.
  • Admit Card will come in the month of June 1st week and December 1st Week.
  • CSIR NET Result will come in the month of April and October every year.
  • Question Paper is divided into 3 Parts, General aptitude, Part B – Factual Questions and Part C: Application based questions.

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