Google Bioinformatics & AI ML Job
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Google Bioinformatics & AI ML Job

Google is Hiring Pre-Doctoral Researchers in Bioinformatics, Coding, AI & ML

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I am writing to talk about an important industry insight which might be helpful to you. As you know: almost every Biotech startup faces a funding crunch, and at the same time, Big Biopharma companies are always looking to cut costs in research. And this means they have two options:

  • Reduce the Pace of Research
  • Reduce the Cost of Research

If they reduce the pace of Research, they will be outdated and lose market value. So, they are looking to cut the cost of Research. Now, this can be done using 3 Approaches:

  1. Bioinformatics
  2. Machine Learning
  3. Artificial Intelligence

Just a few hours ago, Biotecnika posted a Job vacancy at Google where they need Science Candidates with experience in AI, ML and Coding, as well as Bioinformatics. Now, what does this reflect? It means You are already living the Biotech dream where Bio-IT will be a Mass employment generator. And that’s why I am so excited about Bio-IT, and I firmly believe that you can:

  • Kickstart your Career in Bio-IT
  • Restart  your Career in Bio-IT
  • Reignite  your Career in Bio-IT
  • Regrow
    your career in Bio-IT

Here is the Journey & Action Steps you need to follow:

  • Enrol in BioTecNika’s Summer Training on Bioinformatics & AI ML
  • Work on Research projects at BioTecNika
  • Grab Work experience letters and Recommendation letters from our Scientists
  • Publish Research Papers
  • Apply for jobs in the Industry
  • Get placed
  • Become a Specialist

Important Question: Can you become a Bio-IT Specialist if you do not have any background in Computers or Coding or Bioinfo?

  • The answer is a YES; you can
  • If you aim for it, you can achieve it. It’s not that difficult
  • Our training program will train you from the basics to the latest, which means you can definitely learn it.

Remember this: If you can fulfil this industry Demand and fall in love with coding, Bioinformatics, and AI-ML, then you will generate a lot of money in your career because this trend is already a tradition in the Industry.​

Do you have questions? Contact our team, who will guide you on your future in Bio-IT.


Google Bioinformatics & AI ML Job
Fig: BIO-IT Career Plan

Our Promise: We are committed to serving you all with knowledge, Skills, and Opportunities as always, and you will see this in our upcoming work. We firmly believe that our work is our greatest advertisement and your success is our achievement. Should you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, feel free to reply to this message or chat with us or dial these numbers: 1800-1200-1818 , 080-5099-7000 or 080-5099-2444

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CEO, Biotecnika

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  1. I am a data scientist with 8+ years of experience in Pharma consulting. This looks promising. Would love to understand the opportunity.

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