IISc-CDS Summer Research Internship 2024

IISc-CDS Summer Research Internship 2024 – Apply Online

Want to indulge yourself in some cool research this summer? The CDS department at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru invites applications for its summer internship programme, aimed at students pursuing the relevant branch of engineering!

The deadline for the application is 15th March 2024. The following labs are participating in the program.

Please check the lab webpages for relevant information and eligibility criteria:

  1. Algorithmic Techniques for Computational Genomics (ATCG)  ATCG Lab
  2. Biomedical Image Analysis Laboratory (BioMedIA) BioMedIA
  3. Distributed Research on Emerging applications and Machines (DREAM) Lab DREAM
  4. Materials-physics & Algorithmic Techniques Research In eXtreme-computing (MATRIX) MATRIX Lab
  5. Middleware and Runtime Systems (MARS) Lab MARS
  6. Natural Language Processing (NLP) Lab NLP
  7. Vision and AI Lab  VAL
  8. Visual Computing Lab VCL

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the tentative commencement and conclusion date for the internship program?
    The selected candidates are typically expected to start their internship by 1st of May and typically conclude by the end of July. The duration can be extended with the mutual consent between the candidate and the Principal Investigator (PI).
  2. Is there any stipend and accommodation provided for interns participating in the program?
    The interns will be offered a stipend. Accommodation will not be provided, and the interns have to arrange their stay by themselves (HRA will not be provided).
  3. Are interns required to be physically present, or are there options for remote work or part-time involvement?
    Interns are generally required to be physically present. For any part-time or remote options you should check with the corresponding Principal Investigator (PI) of the labs of your interest.
  4. How and when will applicants be informed about the decision on their application?
    The selected candidates will be informed through email before 31st of March. In case, if you don’t hear from us, it implies that your application was unsuccessful.
  5. What essential details should be included in my CV for consideration in the internship program?
    The CV should clearly specify GPA, education, university, coursework, research work and projects (if any), relevant skills and publications (if any), programming experience, and other accomplishments.
  6. When are the deliverables expected from the interns throughout the duration of the internship?
    The interns should conduct projects and experiments assigned by their Principal Investigator (PI). Other desirable deliverables include publications of the project work in reputable journals and conferences.


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