GITAM University DST Grant Secured!
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GITAM University DST Grant Secured!

Gandhian Institute of Technology and Management, a university in India, has received a significant sum of money, approximately Rs 13.69 crore, from the government. This generous grant is designated for the establishment of a cutting-edge facility that will focus on discovering new drugs and conducting research on marine life. Their aim is to achieve this within the next five years.

The Department of Science and Technology is responsible for providing this funding. The university intends to allocate the funds for the procurement of essential equipment, covering the costs of research activities, hiring skilled personnel, and organizing educational events like workshops and summer schools.

The university’s primary objective is to create an advanced center dedicated to exploring new possibilities in drug development. Their goal is to address critical health challenges prevalent globally. According to one of the professors, there have been indications of the presence of useful substances in marine organisms. For instance, astaxanthin has been found in zooplankton, while fucoxanthin is present in brown algae and specific zooplankton. These substances might have qualities that can reduce swelling and combat cancer. Yet, we need to do more thorough research to be sure they are beneficial for human


Apart from finding new medicines, the university’s sea experts are currently exploring coastal marine environments, looking particularly for helpful substances in small sea animals and bacteria. When they find something valuable, they give it to experts in biochemistry and molecular biology to separate and study closely. The ultimate goal is to develop new drugs that could potentially combat cancer, alleviate inflammation, and combat diseases that have become resistant to conventional treatments.

Expressing his views on this significant achievement, one of the professors at GITAM University emphasized that this substantial research project, valued at Rs 13.69 Crores, reflects the government’s dedication to advancing scientific knowledge and addressing critical healthcare issues. This grant not only boosts GITAM’s reputation across the country but also creates a chance for groundbreaking research in the areas of finding new medicines and studying marine life.

GITAM University DST Grant Secured!

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