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TATA Quality Assurance Job For MSc/BSc Food Tech Candidates – Apply

TATA Quality Assurance Job For MSc/BSc Food Tech Candidates – Apply. Latest Quality Assurance at TATA for Master’s/bachelor’s degree, Interested and eligible candidates  Apply Online

Job Position: Manager – Quality Assurance

Job Location: Paonta Sahib, Himachal Pradesh, India

Role Objectives:

Quality Assurance for Water and Concentrate Plant operation. Vendor Management, Periodic Audit, Vendor Development, Inspection and Testing for Himalayan Water and Concentrate plant. Specification Management, Product and Process Risk Assessment. QFS and compliance management for Himalayan Water and Concentrate vertical. SAP QI plan creation and SAP Release Control, Product manual and Protocol Set up.

Key Responsibilities:

• Ensuring all Himalaya Water and RTD concentrate products comply with the quality and regulatory requirements.

• Monitor and certify quantity on a routine basis during arrival and dispatch of RM, SFG and FG. Accept or reject the RM as per the company specification.

• Responsible for data compilation, analysis and generate various reports related to quality.

• Provide technical inputs for new products, formulation, and modification for exports to new countries by working closely with the operation team in units. Manage food labs/external labs /BIS analysis of various parameters.

• To act

as a Custodian of quality of all the operating units and products under the category.

• Commercialization of New Products/Process/Packaging on Himalayan & RTDs

• Supplier Audits for Packaging Materials/Raw Materials and approvals.

• Development/Upgradation & Implementation of Manufacturing Process Manuals & Specs.

• Development/Upgradation & Implementation of Quality Control Manuals (Incoming Materials & Finished Goods)

• Development/Upgradation & Implementation of Analytical Testing Manuals (Physiochemical, Micro & Packaging)

• Development/Upgradation, Implementation & Monitoring of Food Safety Program as per FSSAI/IS/FSSC 22000.

• Development/Upgradation, Implementation and Monitoring of GHP, GLPs,

• Internal Audits of the Plants.

• Regulatory Testing and Certification of the Plants.

• Risk Assessment and Mitigation Plan for Continuous Improvement of Consumer Complaints

• Capability Building of Team.

• QA testing and QA budget management.

• Validation and Verification of the plant Sanitation

.• Team and People

• Manage a team of TCPL own employee and 3P resources, work closely with colleagues managing operation, R&D and Sourcing team.

Desired Candidate Profile for Quality Assurance at TATA : 

• Detail oriented and committed to meticulous follow through.

• Creative and effective problem solver, sound and reliable judgment, and unquestionable integrity.

• Experience in water chemistry, BIS regulation and analysis & beverage / RTD concentrate plant exposure

Desired Experience Level & Qualifications for Quality Assurance at TATA:

• 5 to 10 years Work experience in Quality management/ New product development in similar food processing units

• Master’s/bachelor’s degree in engineering/Food Technology


Possible interview questions may be asked for Quality Assurance at TATA

  1. Can you explain your experience in managing quality assurance processes in a food processing unit?Answer: In my previous role as a Quality Assurance Manager at [Previous Company], I was responsible for overseeing the entire quality assurance process, from raw material inspections to finished product testing. I ensured that all products met regulatory and company quality standards. I also implemented quality control manuals and conducted regular audits to maintain consistency and compliance.
  2. How do you stay updated with the latest regulations and standards in the food processing industry?Answer: I understand the importance of staying current with industry regulations. I regularly participate in workshops, webinars, and conferences related to food safety and quality. Additionally, I am a member of industry associations that provide updates on regulatory changes.
  3. Can you describe a specific situation where you had to deal with a significant quality issue in a food processing plant? How did you handle it?Answer: In my previous role, we encountered a quality issue related to raw materials. I immediately initiated a thorough investigation to identify the root cause. We found that a supplier had deviated from our agreed-upon specifications. I worked closely with the vendor to rectify the issue, implemented stricter supplier audits, and improved our quality control processes to prevent a recurrence.
  4. What strategies do you use to ensure that quality standards are consistently met during the production process?Answer: I believe in a proactive approach to quality assurance. I establish clear quality control checkpoints throughout the production process, starting from raw material inspections to the final product release. Regular training of staff on quality protocols and continuous monitoring of critical control points are also essential elements of maintaining consistent quality.
  5. How do you handle situations where there’s a conflict between production efficiency and quality standards?Answer: It’s crucial to strike a balance between efficiency and quality. I believe in open communication with the production team to understand their challenges and find solutions that don’t compromise quality. In some cases, process optimization and equipment upgrades can enhance both efficiency and quality.
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