Interview for M.Sc. Life Science

MSc Life Science Assistant Post at ACTREC – Attend Walk-In

The “Walk-in Interview for M.Sc. Life Science at ACTREC – Scientific Assistant Post” is a recruitment event conducted by ACTREC, a prominent cancer research institute in Navi Mumbai, India. The position seeks candidates with an M.Sc. in Life Sciences to work as Scientific Assistants on cancer research projects. The selection process involves in-person interviews at the ACTREC facility in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Job Title: Scientific Assistant (on Project)

Project Title: “Mechanisms that govern spontaneous humoral immune responses at
tumor beds and outcome.”

Name of the Institute: Tata Memorial Centre- Advanced Centre For Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer (ACTREC)

Location of the interview: Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

Educational Qualification: 

M.Sc. (Life Sciences) or equivalent with minimum 60% marks in the qualifying exam. Fresh M.Sc. (awarded) in any branch of Life Sciences with good academic scores. M.Sc. degree having duration of one year course will not be considered. Selected candidate will have to join at the earliest; hence result-awaited candidates will not be eligible to apply for the post.

Consolidated Salary: Rs. 22,860/- per month. (Rs.18,000/- + 27% HRA) p.m.

Duration: Six months(The work progress of candidates will be monitored and extension

after 6 months).

Information to candidates: Eligible Candidates may attend the walk in interview on Monday, 25th September, 2023 at Seminar Room, 3rd Floor, Khanolkar Shodhika, ACTREC along with recent CV & original and attested copies of all certificates and testimonials with recent passport size photograph.

Reporting Time: 1.45 pm to 2.15 pm

Possible interview Questions and Answers:

1.Question: What motivated you to undertake this research project on spontaneous humoral immune responses at tumor beds?

Answer: I was inspired by the potential of harnessing the body’s own immune system to combat cancer. Understanding the mechanisms behind spontaneous humoral immune responses at tumor sites could open new avenues for more effective cancer treatments.

2. Question: Can you explain the significance of studying humoral immune responses specifically in tumor beds and how it may impact patient outcomes?

Answer: Studying humoral immune responses at tumor beds is crucial because it can provide insights into how the immune system interacts with cancer cells locally. This knowledge can help us design therapies that enhance these responses, potentially leading to improved patient outcomes and better cancer treatments.

3. Question: What methodologies and techniques are you using to investigate the mechanisms governing spontaneous humoral immune responses in tumor beds?

Answer: In our project, we employ a combination of immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry, and molecular biology techniques to analyze tumor microenvironments and characterize the humoral immune responses. Additionally, we are conducting in vivo experiments in mouse models to gain a comprehensive understanding of these mechanisms.

4. Question: Have you encountered any preliminary findings or unexpected results during your research that have piqued your interest or altered the project’s direction?

Answer: While it’s still early in our research, we have observed some intriguing preliminary findings regarding the role of specific immune cell populations in tumor beds. These findings have prompted us to explore certain pathways and interactions in more detail, potentially leading to novel insights.

5. Question: How do you envision the practical applications of your research in the field of cancer therapy and patient care?

Answer: Our research has the potential to contribute to the development of targeted immunotherapies and personalized treatment strategies for cancer patients. By better understanding the mechanisms governing humoral immune responses at tumor sites, we hope to improve the efficacy and safety of cancer treatments, ultimately benefiting patients’ outcomes and quality of life.

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