Molecular Biologist

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Job Position: Molecular Biologist

Job Location: Jabalpur, India

Job Description for Molecular Biologist :

Hiring for molecular biologist post to work in molecular pathology. Opportunity to get exposed to the industry side of biotechnology and work in patient diagnostics at Ideal Fertility: IVF and Genetic Centre.

Qualification requirements: Minimum Undergraduate in biotechnology, bioinformatics, genetics or molecular biology. Must have good knowledge of basic cell and molecular biology and eagerness to learn more. Be ready to venture into the vastness of the scientific world!!

E mail: [email protected]

Possible interview questions may be asked for Molecular Biologist

1. Can you explain your experience in molecular biology techniques and laboratory work?

 Answer: “I have a strong foundation in molecular biology techniques acquired during my undergraduate studies in biotechnology. I have hands-on experience in DNA extraction, PCR, gel electrophoresis, and gene expression analysis. I also conducted independent research projects focused on molecular biology during my academic tenure.”

2. How do you stay updated with the latest advancements and techniques in molecular biology?

 Answer: “I believe in continuous learning and keepin

g abreast of the latest developments in molecular biology. I regularly follow scientific journals, attend conferences, and participate in online forums and webinars related to molecular biology. This allows me to stay informed about cutting-edge techniques and their applications.”

3. Describe a challenging project related to molecular biology that you’ve worked on. How did you overcome the challenges for Biologist ?

Answer: “One challenging project involved studying gene expression patterns in cancer cells. We faced difficulties in obtaining high-quality RNA due to sample degradation. To overcome this, I optimized RNA extraction protocols and implemented rigorous quality control measures. These efforts resulted in reliable data and meaningful insights into the project.”

4. Can you explain the significance of molecular pathology in patient diagnostics and its role in IVF and genetic centers for Biologist?

 Answer: “Molecular pathology plays a crucial role in diagnosing genetic disorders, infectious diseases, and cancer. In IVF and genetic centers, it is essential for genetic screening of embryos and diagnosing genetic conditions in prospective parents. It ensures the healthy development of embryos and helps identify potential risks or genetic disorders in patients, enabling informed decisions in assisted reproductive techniques.”

5. How do you handle and maintain the integrity of sensitive biological samples in the laboratory?

 Answer: “Maintaining the integrity of biological samples is paramount. I follow strict protocols for sample collection, storage, and transportation. Samples are properly labeled, stored at appropriate temperatures, and tracked meticulously. I also ensure that equipment used for sample processing is regularly calibrated and maintained to prevent contamination or degradation of samples.”

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