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3 Month Study Plan For CSIR NET June 2023 Exam

CSIR NET Exam is conducted by NTA for eligibility of candidates for the post of Lecturer, and for qualifying JRF. NTA organizes this country-wide competitive exam twice a year to select eligible students. Due to the growing number of candidates who apply each year, this is among the most competitive all-India exams. And today in this article we will tell you how can plan your csir net preparation for the upcoming csir net life science June 2023 exam in 3 months.

CSIR NET Dec 2022 & June 2023 Exam Notification Out – Check Eligibility, New Age Limit, Application Details

Studying with proper strategies and techniques is equally important as the students’ hard work. This intense competition has increased the demand for coaching classes in order to effectively prepare for the CSIR NET exam. The importance of CSIR NET coaching in cracking the NET exam cannot be overstated.

It is foolish to dream of a goal without a proper plan. Diligence & time management are the key qualities needed for a CSIR NET aspirant. Accounting to the fierce competition of the CSIR NET exam, future students need to buckle up & keep their CSIR NET exam preparation on point. Additionally, they have to start their preparation as early as possible to cover the vast CSIR NET exam syllabus on time. Altogether, an effective timetable & consistent routine is cardinal for acing the CSIR NET exam with flying colours.

CSIR NET Dec 2022 & June 2023 Exam Notification Out – Check Eligibility, New Age Limit, Application Details

How to prepare for CSIR NET 2023? What should be my CSIR NET Exam Plan? How long should I study daily to ace the CSIR NET 2023? Is it possible to crack CSIR NET 2023 without coaching? These are some of the most common concerns among CSIR NET enthusiasts. To answer all these doubts, here is an article with foolproof strategies to set up a study plan & to keep you on right track during CSIR NET 2023 preparation and golden tips to crack NET 2023 & fulfill your dream of getting admission to one of the top institutes.

CSIR NET Exam Preparation Methods

CSIR NET aspirants follow either of the two methods: Studying under the supervision and guidance of experts from coaching centers or self-studying. Students must be familiar with these two learning styles. Learning helps students to acquire an in-depth understanding of the subject & clears all the doubts. It is a unique & distinct process for each individual. Hence, candidates should carefully choose their approach based on their preferences.

  • Coaching centers: This learning style is followed when you have joined a CSIR NET coaching center for supervision & expert guidance. This approach is more helpful for those students who want to strengthen their conceptual knowledge & want to follow a disciplined preparation strategy. Join a coaching institute that provides the following features: Chat support, recorded lectures & PPT, dedicated study portal, ebooks & hard copy csir net exam books, Test series, experienced faculties, etc. all of these features are provided by Biotecnika. Attend Best CSIR NET Life Science Classes @ Biotecnika With Latest Features
  • Self-studying: This mode of study is considered an effective method for those students who are confident enough that their concepts are clear and they can qualify for the exam on their own. In this mode, one needs to strictly plan their own personal schedule and follow it, to achieve results. You can always choose to combine it with some assistance from Biotecnika experts by opting for our CSIR NET Revision Tools.

Regardless of the method you prefer, there are some other critical steps to be followed for clearing the CSIR NET exam. Here are some detailed strategies and the best study plan for CSIR NET June 2023.

CSIR NET Dec 2022 & June 2023 Exam Notification Out – Check Eligibility, New Age Limit, Application Details

Here is a detailed study plan for CSIR NET June 2023 

Understand the CSIR NET Exam Pattern and Syllabus

All CSIR NET aspirants must be well-versed with basic CSIR NET exam aspects, i.e. CSIR NET exam pattern & syllabus.

CSIR NET exam pattern helps candidates to get familiarized with the latest marking scheme, exam type, the total number of questions asked, and the mode of the exam. Also, it can help students to efficiently manage their time during the exam, thereby enabling them to attempt all the questions in the CSIR NET exam paper. Check out the exam pattern for CSIR NET 2023 below.

CSIR NET 2023 Life Science Syllabus & Exam Pattern

CSIR NET Exam Details in Brief

Exam Title Joint CSIR-UGC NET
Frequency of Exam Twice a year
Exam Months (Usual) June & December
Mode of Exam CBT (Computer Based Test)
Question Type MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)
Time 3 hours
Medium Hindi or English
Total Marks 200
Reference Site CSIR NET Official Site


Prior to devising a study plan for CSIR NET 2023, you need to review the latest CSIR NET exam syllabus.

CSIR NET 2023 Syllabus For Life Science

The CSIR NET for life science exam paper includes both general aptitude and life science-based questions.

1. CSIR NET General Aptitude Syllabus

In the CSIR NET exam, general aptitude is the same for all subjects. It mainly covers 3 areas: Graphical analysis & data interpretation, reasoning, and numerical ability.

a. Graphical Analysis & Data Interpretation – Tabulation, Pie-Chart, Graphical analysis: Line & bar graph, measures of dispersion, mode, median, and mean.

b. Reasoning – Puzzles, Ranking & arrangement, Clock & calendar, Directions & distance, coding-decoding, series formation, and so on.

c. Numerical Ability –  Trigonometry, Mensuration, Geometry, Probability, Permutation & combinations, Time & Work, Time speed & distance, Mixture & Alligation, partnership, Proportion & variation, Ratio, Compound interest, Simple interest, Profit & loss, Percentage, Logarithms, Surds & Indices, Sequence & Series, Quadratic equations, HCF & LCM average, Number & Simplification, and so on.

2. CSIR NET Life Science Syllabus – Topics

There are thirteen units under CSIR NET Life Science.

Unit  Topic Name
1 Molecules and their Interaction Relevant to Biology
2 Cellular Organization
3 Fundamental Processes
4 Cell Communication and Cell Signaling
5 Developmental Biology
6 System Physiology – Plant
7 System Physiology – Animal
8 Inheritance Biology
9 Diversity of Life Forms
10 Ecological Principles
11 Evolution and Behavior
12 Applied Biology
13 Methods in Biology


Find out the most important CSIR NET topics

An important part of the CSIR NET Exam Plan. It is imperative to find out the important topics in the syllabus so as to save time & focus more on those sections. The next step after understanding the CSIR NET exam pattern & syllabus is setting a specific time for each topic. This can be easily done by classifying the topics according to their importance & difficulty level. This way students can focus on all the topics without omitting any. Moreover, this grouping of topics can guide candidates in making a doable timetable for CSIR NET June 2023.

After reviewing the syllabus, identify the key units and topics that can be evaluated by examining the previous year’s question papers. You can also make your selection based on your educational knowledge, expertise, and areas of interest.

Create a schedule that works for you


CSIR NET aspirants should strive to carve an unbreakable timetable that could be easily incorporated into their daily routine. Following a proper schedule is essential particularly when you need to finish the entire CSIR NET syllabus & maintain complete focus throughout the study. Therefore, all students must begin with a daily timetable at the earliest.

Study hours completely depend on the candidate preparing for the CSIR NET exam. Always remember to enjoy your study time during CSIR NET exam preparation. Never force it. Quality stands much above the duration of the study. Determine the mechanism of your brain & your capacity, and prepare a realistic timetable accordingly.

A crucial aspect of the timetable is that it must be devised based on the state of your readiness & the time left for the CSIR NET exam. Therefore, it assures that all the topics are covered with sufficient time for revision, solving sample papers, and doing mock tests. Furthermore, there is no one-size-fits-all timetable for CSIR NET as each individual has distinct study habits and readiness. A study plan for CSIR NET 2023 is given below for your reference. However, it is subjective and could be altered according to your preferences. Self-strategy is the ideal means to figure out your weaknesses & enhance positivity.

Study Plan For CSIR NET

The following is a detailed description of how you should plan your CSIR NET preparation:

  • Plan out your entire studying schedule to make the most of your time

The ideal time to learn new concepts is morning as our minds are fresh after a healthy sleep. Learning is accelerated during this time due to enhanced concentration. Therefore, you can go through difficult concepts. You can even plan the schedule for that day such that they spend the time wisely. It is better if you use a stopwatch or alarm to move according to the devised study plan.

  • Include regular question-answer sessions in your preparation

The second study session for the day involves answering question banks & previous years’ NET question papers. You can even attempt online mock tests to assess your preparation. This will give you a clear idea of where you stand in the CSIR NET exam preparation phase. As a result, you will realize how much more and which areas you need to strengthen to increase your score.

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  • Revision is a must

Revision is a mandatory part of the CSIR NET preparation. This can be performed on a daily or weekly basis, depending on your preferences. Ensure that you go revise all the topics after studying them & record all the relevant key points. In case of any doubts, mark them and clarify them without much delay.

Weekends should be fully devoted to NET exam preparation so ensure that you are free from any other work. You can refer to multiple but standard sources like e-books, online tutorials, and so on for CSIR NET exam preparation.

To achieve the best results, follow the CSIR NET 2023 Preparation guide listed below

Number 1: Identify the target score 

In order to score good marks in CSIR NET June 2023, you need to at least aim to get 90% correct answers. So keep a target score and prepare accordingly. Remember to answer CSIR NET MCQs carefully so as to avoid negative marking. Only answer questions that you are 100% sure of.

Number 2: Only use the best books as a source of information

When it comes to the CSIR NET Exam in Life Sciences, aspirants jump over every accessible book. They start downloading books from the internet or gather CSIR NET Life Science notes from various sources. In a rush, they end up selecting the wrong CSIR NET Life Sciences Reference Books, which they later regret.

It is advised that you purchase the best CSIR NET preparation books. However, some books will overcharge you and won’t help you cover even the fundamentals. To pass the CSIR NET exam, you must select appropriate books and study materials that are up to date with the prescribed syllabus. Rather than studying from any book, it is preferable to first identify the best books for the specific exam and then begin your preparation.

Number 3: Study to score

CSIR NET aspirants must study for at least 6 hours per day. Students can group the topics in each unit according to their difficulty & knowledge level. Study these topics separately then you can answer all the easy & 100% sure CSIR NET questions quickly and devote the rest of the time to solving lengthy & tough questions. Learning without proper understanding can destroy the basic knowledge of each subject. It is recommended to acquire conceptual knowledge during preparation rather than cramming everything right before the exam.

Number 4: Recognise your pluses and minuses

Analyze your strong points, weak points, opportunities for smarter preparation, and threats to your preparation. To score points, you must concentrate on your strong points and work on your weak points to make them your areas of strength. Choose your topics of study based on this rule as well as the weightage of the syllabus. Learn about potential threats to your preparation and possibilities to prepare smarter and better.

Number 5: Maintain a regular revision schedule.

Revision is essential for passing the CSIR NET exam. Remember to go over everything you’ve studied repeatedly without fail. Instead of a quantitative study, you should aim for a qualitative study. An inconsistency in revision will lead to confusion during the exam. As a result, revise it several times. Revision can be done at the start or end of the day. Revision helps to strengthen concepts in the brain.

Number 6: Take notes while you’re studying

Concepts learned usually get solidified in your brain when you write them down. Keep a notebook with you during the CSIR NET exam preparation to jot down all the important points. You can make these points as per your interest. Few students prefer getting notes from the coaching centres or buying them. But, remember that learning is a process that needs to be mastered on your own. You will gain a better understanding of the topics if you take more notes. You can also make post-it notes and stick them to the walls of your study room. So, you will see these notes frequently & they get registered in your brain within no time. Additionally, these notes can be handy during revision. Since it is written in your own language, there will not be any confusion at the last moment and would be easy to understand.

Number 7: Re-answer the questions that were attempted incorrectly the first time

During mock tests, you may make several mistakes. This is quite normal for all CSIR NET aspirants. Nonetheless, you should never ignore these mistakes. Always keep a record of all the incorrectly attempted questions. Later, attempt these as well as similar questions again to answer them quickly & accurately.

Number 8: Practice as much as possible because it is the only way to become excel in your exam

Practice well to crack the CSIR NET June 2023 Exam. After covering the whole syllabus, move to practice questions. Previous years’ papers can give an idea of the NET exam pattern. So, ensure that you solve these papers. It can also help you in devising new tactics for attempting the MCQs. Always analyze your performance after solving previous years’ papers or giving mock tests. Moreover, keep in mind to practice for at least 3 hours daily for increasing your rational thinking & speed. While practising, try to answer as many questions correctly and avoid wrong answers as it can fetch negative marks during the actual CSIR NET exam.

Number 9: Stay away from stress

As and when CSIR NET students feel pressured, things go out of their hands. It is obvious that preparing for such a big examination is crucial, however, too much stress can ruin everything. It is wise to ignore all kinds of altercations that can trigger stress & pressure. Only a stress-free student can prepare for the CSIR NET exam effectively.

Number 10: Maintain a healthy balance

Always keep a balance between play & study. This will increase both your productivity and your interest in learning. The cardinal thing is to take frequent breaks between long study hours to refresh your mind. Candidates can also gradually train their minds to take less frequent breaks. As there is no easy way for cracking the CSIR NET exam, all students must be patient throughout the entire preparation. Rest is an indispensable facet of CSIR NET exam preparation. This ensures that you are in a sound physical & mental state to grasp more knowledge.

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Launching CSIR NET Raftaar Batch 2023: Speed Revision Batch for CSIR NET June 2023 Exam

As the CSIR exam approaches, Biotecnika launches “Raftaar CSIR NET Batch” to help all the CSIR aspirants with a quick and effective learning program to strengthen their preparation and make them exam-ready. This will be a speed revision batch where our CSIR NET Exam experts will train you on tackling and revising for the upcoming exam. Do not miss out on the excellent pre-exam preparative Raftaar CSIR NET Course. Limited Seats are available.


Course details :

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Salient features you must now: 

  • Classes Conducted by CSIR NET Experts of Biotecnika 
  • Online Study Portal Access: Get access to recorded lectures. Revise any number of times. Also, watch the class recordings of other batches to understand the topics in-depth. 
  • Powerpoint presentation- Highly recommended while revising 
  • Daily Practice sheets- get practice questions after each class
  • 24*7 Faculty support- Our experts are here to guide you and resolve your queries 
  • Animatika Zone- 100+ Animations on essential topics of the CSIR NET Exam 
  • AIMNET Test series to practice well before the exam.
  • Online notes- The state of art study portal has extensive notes on all units. Study anytime and anywhere. 
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Why Raftaar Batch for CSIR NET?

Let’s face the fact that we are all out of touch with the CSIR NET Exam( Thanks to the long gap). To help the students prepare for the Upcoming Exam, we designed a perfect Raftaar CSIR NET course. Here you will get to interact with experts, revise important topics and get plenty of additional facilities to aid you in the last 80 days of exam preparation. 

Study Plan For CSIR NET

There is no doubt that NET is one of the most coveted and competitive examinations for life science aspirants in the country, however, it is imperative to understand one’s potential in preparing & cracking this exam. The undaunted spirit of never-to-back-down, dedication towards the goal, focus on the aim, honesty, and confidence are the must-haves for achieving anything in life. Make your own study schedule, stick to it, remain positive, and take proper care of your health. Rest assured, cracking NET would be a cinch for you!

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