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With over 15 Years of Experience in the CSIR NET Coaching Industry, Biotecnika is the best & No. 1 CSIR NET Life Science Coaching Institute in India. It is the first choice for life science students who want to prepare for the prestigious CSIR NET Exam 2022-23. While there are many who claim to provide the best csir net life science classes but at Biotenika we believe in talking through our results and the world-class teaching methodology used.

One must always learn from the experts & not the generalists. Biotecnika Faculties are experts in the life science field with more than 10+ years of experience. Biotecnika’a CSIR NET Life science coaching classes are rated the best csir net classes by over lakhs of students.

CSIR NET Life Science Coaching Features Provided By Biotecnika are listed below: 

Biotecnika’s CSIR NET Life Science Coaching Features – Best CSIR NET Classes
2 Animated PowerPoints For CSIR NET
3 Unit Wise Notes for CSIR NET Life Science
4 CSIR NET Weekly Tests
5 CSIR NET Monthly Quests
6 AI – AIMNET Test Series for CSIR NET Life Science
7 Only 16 Students Per Batch
8 Dedicated Study Portal For Individual Students
9 Recorded Lectures of all batches
10 Live Chat Support
11 Real-Time Doubt Solving
12 Exclusive Life Science Internships + Best CSIR NET Classes
13 Additional Certification Courses
14 Dedicated Customer Service Team
15 Post Exam Assistance


  1. RAID Classes: This patent-pending teaching methodology has been designed by Biotecnika Experts to cater to the needs of all csir net life science aspirants. This methodology helps us provide the Best CSIR NET Classes in Life Science.
    Watch CSIR NET RAID CLASS Demo Here
  2. Animated PowerPoints – We dont follow the old chalk & talk method, neither we believe in those boring textual powerpoints. Powerpoints used at Biotenika hare crafted by using animations, flowcharts, images, and much more to increase the retention power of concepts in students. Attend Best CSIR NET Classes with powerful powerpoints @ Biotecnika.
  3. Unit Wise Notes for CSIR NET Life Science – We have launched a revolutionary product called Koncept notes, which comprises detailed notes of all 13 Units of the CSIR NET Life science syllabus. Check with our experts for a sample and we are sure you will be amazed and blown away by the way these notes are made.
  4. CSIR NET Weekly Tests – All enrolled students are made available with weekly tests, every Monday, wherein they can revise topics that have been taught in the last week. This helps in retaining important concepts and gives you a real-time exam-like feel.
  5. CSIR NET Monthly Quests – Like Weekly Tests, There is a full syllabus test conducted every month for all students.
  6. AI – AIMNET Test Series for CSIR NET Life Science – One of its kind test series, which has been designed using artificial intelligence. You can select the difficulty level of questions and start the UNIT-wise test series. Gives you a real-time csir net exam-like feel with negative marking & Time Clock enabled.
  7. Only 16 Students Per Batch – One of our USP which makes us one of the Best CSIR NET Classes is that we only take 16 students per batch. We believe in paying attention to individual students’ requirements, instead of creating a fish market in the class with 50+ students stacked in together.
  8. Dedicated Study Portal For Individual Students – All students get a login ID & password for their study portal wherein they can access Lectures, PPTs, Tests, and Much more
  9. Recorded Lectures of all batches – Avail recorded lectures of all the classes taken at Biotecnika irrespective of the batch you are in. Learn all topics from any teacher you want, anytime.
  10. Live Chat Support – We bet, no one in the industry can provide you with this service of live chat support to clarify your doubts while doing self-study. Just login to your study portal, chat with the biotecnika expert, and clear your doubts instantly.
  11. Real-Time Doubt Solving – Clarify your doubts with the teacher in real-time during the class.
  12. Exclusive Life Science Internships – With biotecnika not only do you prepare yourself for the CSIR NET exam, but you will also simultaneously learn industry concepts and get hands-on training on various research techniques. Best CSIR NET Classes + Internships, Isn’t it a win-win situation?
  13. Additional Certification Courses – Prepare for CSIR NET + Get Certified in New trending research topics. What else a student would want!
  14. Dedicated Customer Service Team – Our customer support team will always be available to help you out in case of any technical issues with your class, study portal, etc.
  15. Post Exam Assistance – Unlike other fake gurus on youtube. Biotecnika dosent end its support after the CSIR NET. You can be in touch with us further in your career for timely support & Assistance. So overall you are getting Best CSIR NET Classes + Endless Support post Exam.

On Popular demand, those who missed joining Shaurya CSIR NET Batch in March 2022 can now enroll for NEW CSIR NET Life Science Coaching Batch that Starts From 4th April 2022.

Jeet Batch starts – 4th April 2022

Target: CSIR NET June 2022 & December 2022 Together


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