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Dear CSIR NET Aspirants,

By now, you all must be aware that CSIR NET Dec 2022 & CSIR NET June 2023 Exam will be merged & the exam will be conducted in May-June 2023

tentatively as announced by CSIR HRDG. As per our sources, the exam will primarily be conducted in June month itself to bring back the regular June & Dec Exam cycle, which was there before the Pandemic.

To help you keep track of your CSIR NET preparation progress – Introducing the Master Study Planner for CSIR NET June 2023 Exam, specially designed for all CSIR NET Life Science aspirants by Biotecnika Experts, which you can download for free below.

Download FREE CSIR NET 6 Months Master Study Planner 

This comprehensive study planner is designed to help you stay organized and on track throughout your exam preparation. With a detailed schedule of all important csir net units aligned day & month-wise, with slots for Reviosn, you can easily manage your study time, avoid procrastination, and stay focused on your goal of cracking the CSIR NET Exam. Download now and take the first step towards success in the CSIR NET June 2023 Exam.

Download FREE CSIR NET 6 Months Master Study Planner For CSIR NET June 2023

Now is the right time to gear up with your csir net exam preparation if you have not started yet. Many Biotecnika students have cracked CSIR NET Exam with just six months of Preparation; you can do it too, under the proper guidance & mentorship of Biotecnika Experts.

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Subjects Available: CSIR NET Life Sciences

Download FREE Master Study Planner For CSIR NET June 2023

CSIR NET Content:

  • Online Coaching from Biotecnika’s well-qualified and experienced teachers.
  • Printed Study Material for CSIR NET  (Life Science): 14 Books (13 books as per syllabus + 1 book for Part A)
  • Printed Study Material for GATE  (Biotechnology): Set of 4 books with MCQ’s
  • Online Study Portal: Our state of art e-learning portal equips you with video recordings of every lecture that you attend ( e-copy of books, presentations, animations, and e-copy flashcards will be provided to get the concept registered into your mind)
  • Unlimited Classes:  We do not limit your classes; attend as many classes as you can, with no limits, because our goal is your success.
  • Weekly tests, Monthly tests, AIMNET and AIMGATE Test Series
  • Double & Triple Success Guarantee programs to choose from
  • Additional Study Tools for smart preparation, practice, and revisions
  • Konceptika Lite e-Copy
  • Koncept Table e-Copy
  • Koncept Wheel e-Copy
  • Koncept Cloud e-Copy
  • Quick Net Revisor e-Copy
  • 24*7 Chat Support for Doubt Solving

How do Biotecnika’s classes help you?

To ace the upcoming CSIR NET and GATE Exam, you need to start from scratch and cover the syllabus, and we have the perfect set of tools to help you.

  • Exam Focussed Daily classes – take classes in the comfort of your home
  • Printed  Hard copy Study Material – Specially designed materials
  • Unlimited Expert Assistance & Doubt Solving via chat
  • Class tests, Monthly practice exams, All India level test series
  • Video Backups of all classes & Much, Much More
  • Various other tools to help you revise better.

Why Biotecnika?

Why not Biotecnika will be the better question. You have seen how hands-on Shekhar sir is in ensuring the success of his students’ futures. He is the first to start the revolution to aid CSIR NET aspirants. A leader in the true sense who gets down to the root of the problem and solves it. That is how Biotecnika is at the core. With all the Biotecnika Academic Team echoing the same sentiment, rest assured you are safe. We’ve got this!

Your dreams can become a reality with Drona Batch. Biotecnika is here with you every step of the way. You will never be alone. Got doubts? Get in touch with the team here at Biotecnika.

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