CSIR NET Dec 2022 + June 2023 Exams To Be Merged - Breaking News By CSIR-HRDG
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Latest CSIR NET Exam Update – CSIR NET Dec 2022 Exam Dates Released

Dear CSIR NET Aspirants

Some relief with official word from CSIR-HRDG via their official Twitter account regarding the dates for the CSIR NET Dec 2022 Examination. As per the statements released last year, 3 exams were supposed to be held in 2022 but we did not have the Dec 2022 examination as stated.

Now finally CSIR-HRDG has released a statement on their Twitter handle which you can check below

As per the tweet, the December 2022 CSIR-UGC-NET Examination will be combined with the upcoming June 2023 examination which is tentatively scheduled to be held between May to June 2023.

This confirms that CSIR NET Exam will be happening in less than 6 months and this is the extra push and confirmation you needed to jump on the CSIR NET Exam preparation with Biotecnika.

Call us at 1800-1200-1818 for more details on the next batch of CSIR NET Examination preparations.

You can breathe a sigh

of relief that at least some information has been released regarding the examination dates. Many have expressed concerns over how well a merged cycle will work, but for now, this is our best shot.

You have been preparing or planning to restart your preparations so this is great news heading into 2023. Now you can for sure plan and prepare with Biotecnika for your upcoming merged cycle examinations to be held anytime between May-June 2023.

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