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Bioinformatics Drug Discovery Internship at Biotecnika – Lucky Draw

Hey Biotecnikans

If you are reading this, then most of you attended the Biotecnika Birthday Bonanza celebrations that we had on the 11th of October 2022 at 7 pm. It was a live event and Shekhar sir announced 16 different gifts + a bonus gift during the live stream. 

One of those precious 16 gifts was the announcement of the Bioinformatics + Drug Discovery Internship Luck Draw. You are well aware of the various courses and internships that Biotecnika designs. We already had New Year Luckydraw for Bioinformatics and a Teachers’ Day Lucky Draw for CRISPR Internship. 3 lucky winners got the chance to win internships worth Rs.21,000 and Rs. 13,499 respectively!

Starting today, you can enter the giveaway and stand a chance to win the grand prize.

The 3 lucky winners of this contest get

🤩 Bioinformatics + Drug Discovery Internship Worth Rs. 13,499/- 🤩

Bioinformatics was a foreign term almost a decade ago. Even though it was introduced as part of the syllabus, not many paid too much heed to the importance it had. Nobody foresaw the pandemic and nobody in their wildest dreams ever imagined how bioinformatics would

play a crucial role in the year 2020. 

We have seen unprecedented growth in the need for Bioinformaticians. Almost every day we have a job posting for Bioinformatics based projects or jobs with require Bioinformatics as one of the requisite qualifications. So why do you want to lose out on getting chosen for such opportunities? 

Biotecnika is always looking to stay one step ahead, and with Bioinformatics under our belt, we have an upcoming internship opportunity called Bioinformatics + Drug Discovery Internship. Drug discovery is one of the most important applications of Bioinformatics. All of it goes hand in hand and you have seen how crucial it was to elucidate the structure and design vaccines and drugs to aid in combating the dreaded coronavirus. So don’t think twice, just enter this contest, it’s FREE after all!


Why should you enter this giveaway?

Do you want to win something career-boosting for FREE? Then Bioinformatics + Drug Discovery Internship is the way to go! It will include all of the latest that is relevant to the industry and by the end of it, you will be left feeling empowered with knowledge that is ready to use to give your career the nitro boost it deserves!

This is a golden opportunity in front of you – Just enter the contest and stand a chance to be one among the thousands to win Bioinformatics + Drug Discovery Internship Worth Rs. 13,499/- !

How to win this mega prize?

Winning this contest is easy. All you have to do is enter this giveaway by using the form below to submit your entry. 

So what are you waiting for? Enter this contest by giving your details, and get a chance to win this truly amazing gift from Biotecnika for free!

👇 Check Video On How to Participate 👇

Rules for participation –

  • Make sure the details you enter are correct (You wouldn’t want to miss out by entering the wrong details!)
  • Only one entry per person-Multiple entries will be automatically disqualified
  • Each time you share, you will earn points. More points = More chances of winning

The winners will be announced on our website, so keep checking our Social Media platforms and this page for the announcement. 

Enter the contest now and sit back and relax. Our lucky winners will be chosen at random. We will email you as soon as your name comes up. 


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