Biotecnika CRISPR Contest Winners
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Biotecnika CRISPR Contest Winners – CRISPR Internship Results Biotecnika

Dear Biotecnikans

The lucky draw contest came to a close on 02nd Oct 2022. And we have the winners amongst us. It was an intense competition. We saw thousands of entries. And all of you gave it your all. Thank you so much for the overwhelming response. 

For the uninitiated – This Teachers’ Day, Biotecnika has announced a FREE CRISPR Luck Draw Contest and the 3 lucky winners of this contest will be getting drum roll, please

🤩 CRISPR Cas9 Genome Editing Internship Worth Rs. 13,499/- 🤩


Every other day new advances and breakthroughs are being made with the help of CRISPR Cas9 in all fields of biosciences ranging from plant sciences, agriculture, human health and more. So why not be a part of this new revolution? Biotecnika is always on its toes and eager to change with the times and we want you to do the same.

We have the winners amongst us.

  1. Arjun Nair
  2. Ultfat Mujawar
  3. Stuti Sanjit

Congratulations to all the winners, you have taken the first step toward a bright research career. You are at the forefront of cutting-edge research and technology of the future

. We wish you all the best and immense success, may this internship pave the way forward.

The Biotecnika team will contact you and your access to the Internship will be activated in due course of time. 

For all the other participants, don’t be disappointed. You tried your best, there will be other opportunities. If you want to be part of future contests, then follow Biotecnika, because we are always looking out for you. More such opportunities are headed your way. Be alert and make the best use of them.

See you soon!

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