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Unilever R&D Research Scientist – Biochemistry Lead Recruitment, Apply Online

Unilever R&D Research Scientist – Biochemistry Lead Recruitment, Apply Online. MSc & PhD Biochemistry, Plant Biology, Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Plant Physiology. Unilever Bengaluru Associate Research Scientist Job. Interested and eligible applicants can check out all of the details on the same below

Name of the Post – Research Scientist – Biochemistry Lead

Job ID – R-42617

Location – Unilever R&D Bangalore

We are looking to hire a Research Scientist – Biochemistry Lead in our Beverages team based in Bangalore:

Delivering superior technologies and innovations to solve consumer-relevant problems is very crucial for success in the area of plant-based beverages.  Driven by this strong demand, Unilever and ekaterra have set up a Tea Technology Unit under a joint development agreement to deliver cutting-edge technologies through a fundamental understanding of various secondary metabolite pathways in tea and other botanicals through cross-fertilization of ideas between biologists, chemists, chemical engin

eers.   The biology/bioscience/biochemistry/biotechnology expertise is an integral part of other leading-edge expertise that Tea Technology Unit/Unilever Beverages/ekaterra has in the area of process engineering, product chemistry, analytical chemistry, and health and wellness.

The role requires the following key skills:

Key Skills

  • Strong hands-on experience in biochemistry, biotechnology, life sciences, molecular biology, health and wellness with a proven record on successful delivery of technological solutions to consumer relevant problems.
  • Enthusiasm to carry out hands-on practical R&D experiments in the lab, pilot plant and factories
  • Awareness of relevant latest scientific developments and how they can be translated to pragmatic and cutting-edge technologies to deliver un-met needs of consumers.
  • Pro-active and self-motivated to engage with internal and external science leaders, learning new skills in relatively shorter time frame.
  • Acquainted with Unilever SOLs across inner game and outer game to make sustainable living a common place.

Main Accountabilities

  • Elucidating metabolic pathways for secondary metabolites in tea and thier application in health & wellbeing and end cup sensorial
  • To develop cutting-edge technologies supported by risk-based assessment, consumer benefit to drive product superiority and savings
  • Underpinning the science across processes, product chemistry/ key technologies/innovations via closely working with Global TPLs, ecosystem partners
  • To influence both Global and local R&D teams on implementing technological solutions in plant-based beverages portfolios which are sustainably accretive
  • To support global and local design teams on claims and KBS on product and processes
  • Accountable to build CAP strategy, obtaining regulatory compliances, product safety of new processes, and products developed in the team
  • Inspire and actively develop junior team members by proactively working on their development plans.

Problem Solving

The employee is expected to create and develop breakthrough technologies and help in advancing them through the innovation funnel to the market. This means that they are expected to be keenly aware on latest S&T developments in the external world in the relevant area, consumer needs and competitor trends.


Tea is a mature business with little or no change in 100+ years, hence this job requires a very high level of creativity to identify new technical opportunities and routes to deliver to the category ambition of superiority in teas within a 5–10-year time horizon. This involves scientific creativity, later thinking, rigour and in-depth understanding in the area of plant biology, particularly on secondary metabolites pathways. The candidate will be working very closely within Tea Technology Unit with Scientists, Global TPLs seconded from ekaterra and Unilever for the growth of Unilever and ekaterra plant-based beverages businesses.

Key Requirement

A PhD in Biochemistry, Plant Biology, Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Plant Physiology with 1-2 years of research experience in academia or industrial R&D or a Master’s degree in Biochemistry, Biology, Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Plant Sciences, Agricultural Sciences with 6-8 years experience. The successful candidate will be part of the biology skill base in the Tea Technology unit, set up under JDA between Unilever and ekaterra to cater for the R&D needs of Unilever and ekateraa plant-based beverages business.


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