General Aptitude questions solving - How to Solve CSIR NET General Aptitude

General Aptitude questions solving – How to Solve CSIR NET General Aptitude

Are you prepared for Part A of the CSIR NET Exam? Biotecnika can help!

Dear CSIR NET Aspirants,

Yes, finally the official notification for the Joint CSIR-UGC NET June 2022 Examination is out. We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief with the release of this very important notification. Although exam dates have not been made public, according to the statements released prior by CSIR HRDG, we can expect the exams to be held in the month of September.

The last date to submit the application forms for Joint CSIR-UGC NET June 2022 is the 10th of August 2022. You have a month’s time to take a decision on whether you will write this examination or not. And post that again you will barely have 30 days left before you will be facing 145 questions that will determine your career graph.

As we are all well versed with the syllabus – Part A, Part B and Part C are the components. Part ‘C’ is given the most importance, we always focus on this section of the syllabus and rightfully so. It carries the most marks, and penalties

and even has the most verbose and difficult questions. 

However, there is another section that we tend to overlook. This section is common to almost all entrance examinations, and yet it remains an afterthought. So which section is it? Yes, Part ‘A’. General Aptitude. We often get queries asking how to solve these general aptitude questions?

What does CSIR NET say about Part ‘A’?

Part ‘A’ shall be common to all subjects. This part shall contain questions pertaining to General Aptitude with emphasis on logical reasoning, graphical analysis, analytical and numerical ability, quantitative comparison, series formation, puzzles etc.

If you take a look at the description, it doesn’t seem that easy. There is reasoning, graphical analysis, numerical ability and even puzzles. Many of us are afraid of math, but it does follow us in Part ‘A’. So why do we ignore this section completely? Most of us are unaware of the tips and tricks to be used while solving these questions. General aptitude is not necessarily taught in our syllabus and hence many of us are left scratching our heads wondering how to approach these questions. 

Hence to help you with your overall understanding and preparation for Part ‘A’ section of the CSIR NET Exam, experts here at BioTecNika are going to teach you for FREE!

It will be a series of LIVE sessions all about solving Part ‘A’, we have some very talented experts and one among them is a name that you have all heard and love. Mr Shekhar Suman is coming at you in a never before seen avatar. 


Mr Shekhar Suman, CEO-MD of Biotecnika & Rasayanika, dons many hats – Entrepreneur, CEO, Chief Strategist, Host, Motivational Speaker, Mentor, Guide and Thinker. And now adding ‘Teacher’ to his ever-growing roles. 

In a BioTecNika first, we have Mr Shekhar Suman, who will illuminate the path to solving Part ‘A’ with the help of our experts Swarna ma’am and Tushar Sir. These FREE LIVE Sessions are something that you do not want to miss. 

Part ‘A’ like you have never seen before. These sessions will provide you with the knowledge that you can utilize for life. It’s simple, all you have to do is REGISTER and be present for the LIVE sessions. 

We barely have 2 months left, less than 60 days to get set and give Joint CSIR-UGC NET June 2022 your best shot. Mr Shekhar Suman has always been by your side for the past 15 years guiding you throughout. You have been with him during all of his LIVE sessions, you have seen the JOSH. To get more such nuggets of wisdom from Shekhar sir in these LIVE sessions, ensure you join them without missing a day.


Swarna ma’am and Tushar sir are also our secret weapons. Highly talented individuals who are experts in their own right. Part ‘A’ will be a piece of cake at the end of these sessions. Don’t miss out and join the experts and let’s prepare for the Joint CSIR-UGC NET June 2022 with all that we have.

Let’s take a look at the schedule below


  • Faculty: Shekhar Sir, Swarna Ma’am & Tushar Sir
  • Classes on Tuesday & Thursday
  • Starting from 19th July 2022
  • Timings: 5 PM to 6 PM
  • Platform: YouTube
Sl No Date  Topics Faculty
19/07/2022 Introductory Session  Shekhar Sir
1 21/07/2022 Numbers & Speed Maths  Shekhar Sir
2 26/07/2022 Data Interpretation Shekhar Sir
3 28/07/2022 Probability and Arrangements Tushar Sir
4 02/08/2022 Clock Problem Tushar Sir
5 04/08/2022 Series formation Swarna Ma’am
6 09/08/2022 Blood Relations Swarna Ma’am
7 11/08/2022 Geometry Tushar Sir
8 16/08/2022 Calendar Problem Tushar Sir
9 18/08/2022 Sequential ordering Swarna Ma’am
10 23/08/2022 Mensuration Tushar Sir
11 25/08/2022 Distance & Directions  Swarna Ma’am
12 30/08/2022 Finding the X Tushar Sir
13 01/09/2022 Statement-related (Truth or Lie) Swarna Ma’am
14 06/09/2022 Coding and Decoding Tushar Sir
15 08/09/2022 Average Swarna Ma’am
16 13/09/2022 Who is who Tushar Sir
17 15/09/2022 Logical Reasoning Swarna Ma’am


The logical thing to do now is to REGISTER and witness Biotecnika’s best of the best make you a pro at solving General Aptitude questions and knock it off your study list for the upcoming Joint CSIR-UGC NET June 2022 Examination.

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See you soon!

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