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CSIR UGC NET JRF is the dream national-level entrance exam for aspirants in India who are willing to build a successful career in the R&D sector. After qualifying for the exam you will receive a fixed fellowship amount, which can lead to a Ph.D. degree. Whereas If you qualify for CSIR NET LS you are eligible for assistant professor/ lecturer posts in leading colleges & universities. The COVID pandemic caused a lot of uncertainty with the CSIR NET Exam dates. As per the latest updates from CSIR HRDG, CSIR NET 2022 Exam will be held in the month of September this year, notification for the same will be released soon on the CSIR NTA website.

With just 2 months left for the CSIR NET Exam, what should be one’s strategy? Our experts at Biotecnika have designed CSIR NET Checklists which will help you sort your revision & preparation in an efficient manner. All of the above-mentioned checklists can be downloaded below.

Download CSIR NET CheckLists

What do the CSIR NET Checklists have:

  • CSIR NET September 2022 Exam Revision TO DO List
  • CSIR NET Important Topics Complete Checklist
  • CSIR NET Exam Day CheckList

How To Use The CSIR NET CheckLists?

Download the Expert Made CSIR NET Check Lists for the upcoming CSIR NET Exam. Take a printout of this PDF and tick off the tasks as and when done. This list will not only keep you on your toes but will also help you be prepared for the exam in advance, without the fear of missing out on anything.

Meanwhile, there are a few major dos & don’t which you must follow for the next 2 months in order to be 100% prepared to crack the CSIR NET JRF or LS this year. Let’s have a look:


  1. Dont just sit and wait for the notification to be released and then start your revision/preparation. It’s a strict no.
  2. Dont try to cover the entire syllabus in the limited number of days left.
  3. Dont watch any random free lectures available on Youtube by any random Youtube gurus.
  4. Dont live in the assumption that by just solving the PYQs you are all set for the CSIR NET Exam.
  5. Dont indulge in unnecessary only gossip & chit-chats about the exam & dates
  6. Dont completely skip Part A.


  1. Prepare a study timetable as per the number of days left for the exam and stick to it.
  2. Practice, Practice & Practice – The more you practice the more easily concepts will settle in your mind which you can eventually recall easily during the exam
  3. Revise as much as you can – focus on the important units & important topics
  4. Include PYQs & Mock tests in your revision schedule – Learn from mistakes & fix them.
  5. Meditate every day & stay calm. Lead a healthy balanced life – you need to be healthy both mentally & physically for the exam.

Download CSIR NET CheckLists

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