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CSIR NET Revision Questions – Biotecnika Reverse Revision

Good day Biotecnikans,

Biotecnika is proud to launch a new revision series in lieu of the CSIR NET Exam 2022 whose dates will be announced shortly. It’s our very own Reverse Revision Series. A series where it’s all about the revision of all the important topics for the upcoming CSIR NET Exam. 

This will be held LIVE on our official Biotecnika App ONLY. This series will last for 12 days and cover 12 important topics. 60 minutes is all it takes for you to get all your concepts cleared by our very own Biotecnika Academic Team. 

Masters at their craft, make use of this golden opportunity to clear all of your concepts LIVE from the experts of CSIR NET & GATE. 

Have you ever been at this tough spot in your exam preparation where you wonder “I wish there was someone who can practice concepts with” or “I wish there is someone with whom I can test my knowledge”

Well, Biotecnika has answered your prayers and here we are with the CSIR NET Revision Questions – Biotecnika Reverse Revision. A series designed specifically for you students to test yourself LIVE on all

important topics and get your answers verified on the spot. 


We have already spoiled you with CSIR NET MMT, Answer Keys, FREE Sample paper downloads, FREE Study Materials, FREE PDF’s, FREE Konceptika Flowcharts and now we have a CSIR NET Reverse Revision Series. 

So how do you get in on this wonderful FREE opportunity to check your preparation level in real-time? It’s simple just REGISTER, check the schedule below and make a note of the topics, keep your concepts ready for the topic scheduled and have an internet connection. 

Team Biotecnika is pumped and ready to help you crush this CSIR NET Exam 2022, so BRING IT ON!



Reverse Revision Series Schedule 

  • Days – 15th June 2022 to 30th June 2022
  • Timing – 7 pm to 8 pm
  • Venue – Biotecnika Official App ONLY
Date Topic Faculty
15th June 2022 Amino acids, Protein Structure and Ramachandran Plot Urmimala
16th June 2022 Membrane structure and function(Solute transport, Protein targeting) Cell organelles Divya
17th June 2022 Operons Nidhi
20th June 2022 Cell Signaling Divya
21st June 2022 Flow Cytometry & Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) Tanushree
22nd June 2022 Early development and axis formation in model organisms Urmimala
23rd June 2022 Cardiovascular System Dr Violet
24th June 2022 Gene Mapping- linkage mapping and Physical mapping Tithi
27th June 2022 Apoptosis and cancer Divya
28th June 2022 H-W Equilibrium Tithi
29th June 2022 Microbial gene mapping Somrhita
30th June 2022 Plant Physiology – Photosynthesis, Nitrogen metabolism Nupur




Biotecnika is always looking for ways to help you prepare in the best ways possible, be it motivational sessions by our CEO MR Shekhar Suman, our patent-pending RAID classes or numerous webinars etc. Stick with Biotecnika and for sure your future will shine bright.

All you have to do is REGISTER and keep yourself prepared and ready as per the topics scheduled in the timetable above, and our dedicated and experienced faculty is here to guide you and help you.

See you there!

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  1. Is there any chance of getting the recording? I had registered but was unable to attend due to unforeseen work.

  2. how to open in app, I don’t get it where is link to open this revision series, yesterday’s class also missed this issue

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