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Computational Biology

Adapting Biology to Computers

Can you Do your Research without Data?

Statistics & Data Analysis are a crucial part of your Research work

When you analyse Patterns & Correlation – Only then you can progress or conclude your research

Computers are better at Analysing Data – let’s accept this Fact

Atlas of Life – By combining large data collections with databases and statistics, computational biology provides a reference map for biology—an atlas of life that holds together individual insights.

Test Ideas fast in a Virtual Environment

  • A Quantitative computational approach is needed to turn a fuzzy idea into a testable hypothesis.
  • Computational biology excels at distilling huge amounts of complex data into something testable in the wet lab, thus, shaping and directing experimental follow-up.

Your Internship Guide

  • Dr Farhan Zameer
  • Holds 4 Patents
  • 22 years + Experience in Teaching and Research
  • Ph.D. In pathogenomics from the University of Mysore
  • Holds Two Post Docs:
  • PathoImmunology from University of South Carolina
  • PathoGutOmics JSS University Mysore


  • Integrative Biology
  • Decoding the Biomacromolecules
  • Algorithms in Computing
  • Models, Coding, and Logics
  • Big Data Analytics


  • Practice assignments for a better understanding
  • Hands-on Experience with Various Computational Biology tools
  • An opportunity to take up an advanced course in Computational Biology.

Internship Fee

  • Rs 13990/- for 14 Days Internship
  • Free with Josh batch which starts 6th June 2022

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Computational Biology Internship With Scholarship 🎓- Register Now

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